Roller Banner Replacement Graphics

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Roller Banner Replacement Graphics

Banner Replacement graphics panels are available to allow the changing of graphic panels in an existing or new stand.

Need your replacement pull up banner graphics in a hurry? Simply select Express 48 Hour or Express 24 Hour to speed up the delivery.

Although we offer replacement roll up banner graphics we strongly recommend purchasing a complete unit. Swapping panels is not difficult to do but does have a number of disadvantages you should be aware of below.

Roller Banner Replacement Graphics Information

  • Warranty – Your stand is not covered by a warranty – all our budget and premium roller banners come with 6 months warranty.
  • Damage – If not done correctly you could damage your stand which could make it unusable
  • Sizes – if you do not know the exact size of your panel a replacement may not fit
  • Higher costs – Buying a new stand and then banner replacement graphics to create your own roller banner may be more expensive than simply buying a complete unit
  • Quality – We cannot quality check your complete stand, will it retract and stand properly?
  • Time – Replacing a panel takes up your time, let us do it for you.

Taking the above into account it is easy to see why we recommend buying a complete printed roller banner from us, however if you choose to buy these panels, fitting them to a roller banner mechanism is not difficult to do and we provide some fitting advice in our blog on how to change a roller banner panel.

Our Banner Replacement Graphics are supplied with a strip of adhesive tape attached to the bottom ready to attach to your stand. Available in a range of sizes all our graphic panels are printed in high resolution for sharp clear graphics and text. They are printed single sided in vibrant full colour.

Our roller banner graphic panels are supplied with:

  • High resolution Printed graphic panel – replacement banner graphic
  • Roller printing with your choice of artwork (panel)
  • Free Delivery
  • Express 24 hour turnaround available

Banner Replacement Graphics Installation

    • Pull the existing graphic all the way out out of the mechanism until you can see where it is attached to the leader sheet
    • Insert an allen key into the small hole on the side of the roller banner mechanism, all the way in, so it holds the spring
    • Peel the old panel away from the leader sheet – ensuring you do not tear the leader
    • Remove the header bar from the existing panel. These will be one of two types, a clamp system (as supplied by us) or an adhesive system (on cheap stands). If it is a clamp system you need to open the clamp and remove the panel. For an adhesive system, peel the panel away from the header bar, and replace the adhesive strip with a strip of strong double sided tape.
    • Attach the header bar to the top of the new panel, by either clamping it into the header bar or sticking it to the bar with double sided tape – ensuring that the header bar is the correct way around to accept the pole.
    • Peel off the covering on the strip of double sided tape supplied on your new graphic panel
    • Stick the bottom of the graphic panel to the leader sheet of the stand ensuring it is attached straight and does not overlap
    • Hold the panel securely and remove the allen key
    • Allow the panel to retract slowly into the stand.

For more information and pictures please see our blog – how to change a roller banner panel.

Please note: we can only offer help and advice if you are swapping banner replacement graphics into one of our own stands.

Width – Select the width of the panel you would like to order

Display height – This is the display height of your panel – REMEMBER TO ADD 100MM TO THE BOTTOM WHICH STAYS IN THE STAND

Designs can be uploaded at the checkout stage, or sent to us later if that’s easier. Or we can offer professional design assistance if required, for a small fee.

Unsure which Roller Banner best meets your needs? Read our Roller Banner Buyers Guide here.

If you need design assistance please see our banner design guide here, alternatively you can email our friendly team here if you need any help

Or if you would prefer to speak to us, please Call us on: 02380 700111, we are open 5 days a week

Weight 3.6 kg

Our replacement graphic panels are available to allow the changing of graphic panels in an existing or new mechanism. They are not supplied with the roller banner mechanism.



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