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A Unique Opportunity, And A Time For Recovery

1st Jun 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has hit many businesses hard - across all sectors. There’s the possibility that many, especially smaller businesses, may not be able to reopen at all once the dust settles and many find where they shake out - but there have been some unique opportunities for many businesses, as well as an approaching time for recovery as lock down ends and many reopen - one of these opportunities can be found within the printing industry.

There had been a moment of time where it seemed as if some sectors within the print industry had been looking to struggle - particularly with roller banners and exhibition stand printing as many businesses which had relied on them were amongst those closing temporarily - but a unique opportunity would arise as banner printing for COVID-19 information saw a large growth, smaller scale print such as posters and flyers would also fit in to this category providing some welcome relief to stay operational in the short term. But this unique opportunity may extend a little into the longer term as businesses begin to prepare for a reopening on a wider scale - and the opportunity comes largely in the way of a renewed focus on marketing.

As businesses are set to reopen, maybe will be looking to advertise that they are once again opening - along with other information such as operating times, restrictions for customers, guidance, and upcoming events and such - for the businesses that unfortunately have had to close during this period, newer ones will spring up in their place which will also require similar treatment as they try to get their name out there.

Sporting events have also historically provided a stable base - larger pop-up banners and displays, marquee signage, and posters for example have always provided a strong core for print and after three months of downtime it seems many are looking to return. Government guidance set June as the month in which athletes could return to sport within the country and many have already announced their schedules - racing will return with the Ascot in a little over a week and football is set to return within the fortnight too.

Then of course comes the bread and honey in the way of exhibitions and trade shows - although there’s still some uncertainty around the logistics and what may be expected going forward, with sporting events getting underway these business events may not be too far behind. They will have to adhere to the social distancing structure set out adhering to the COIVD-19 guidelines, but it is the platform that will help on the path to recovery.

There is no certainty around when ‘normalcy’ will be found again, but it appears to be happening much faster than many anticipated, especially since just a week or two ago caution was still being taken. The start of business reopening is just beginning, international travel is already on the cards as airlines announce flight schedules once more - the path to recovery may be a slow one, but it is finally underway after a tough few months, engaging your audience and utilizing marketing will be what helps set you apart from the competition as well as help you be seen, now is the time to prepare and to make the most of this recovery time.