Advertising Budget Management

Advertising budget management

Advertising can be a big expense for any business, and you need to be certain you are getting value for money when contracting a design and printing partner. Luckily, there are many ways you can stretch your advertising budget. Here are just a few of the ways that you can get the most out of your advertising budget while gaining more customers and clients than you ever thought possible. Read on for some advertising budget management tips…

Advertising Budget Management


Eazy promotional stand

The Eazy promotional stand is made to last and provides great value for those who want a cost-effective yet stunning promotional counters for exhibitions, trade shows, and more. Our stand provides plenty of room to stash extra materials out of sight, so you can easily replace promotional items as they are distributed. Unlike some heavy and more complicated stands, ours packs easily into the included stylish case that is hardly bigger than a large suitcase.

This makes it easy for one person to transport, even in a small car. Carrying this stand through a crowded exhibition hall will not leave you out of breath, nor will you require assistance to set it up. Sharp and stunning graphics maintain their look for many uses, but will last longer in an indoor environment. This means you can reuse your stand time and time again, giving you a much better ROI and ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Roller banners gain you customers

Double-sided roller banners are a great solution for sidewalks or outdoor areas. If your retail space is in a shopping mall, you can place roller banners outside your storefront. Of course,
double sided roller banners may not be the right choice for everywhere. If you have a space where only one side can be seen, then you can choose the single-sided version. There are many
options with roller banners. For example, you can have a different message or advertisement on each side of your roller banner.

Generally, a roller banner can be reused many times if the information does not become out-dated. For those who want a banner that will last the longest, there are outdoor grade roller banners, or our premium roller banner. Economy roller banners are a good solution for those who need good economical advertising or for those who need to use the banner only a few times.

Make sure your design is good

You can waste a lot of time and money if your marketing materials are delivered and they are not what you expected. Roller Banners UK can help you with our easy to use templates or our
low cost design service. For one small fee, we will take your logo, text and graphics and arrange them so that they look great on your roller banner, exhibition stand or desktop display.

Pick the right staff

When it comes to a trade show, you need the right staff and you might find that less is more. You can save money by employing a few proactive, confident, chatty, punctual people, than a whole team of Brand Ambassadors who aren’t interested. If you need some assistance, check out our article on Exhibition Staff Selection. 

When it comes to advertising budget management, we can help find the perfect, cost-effective printed materials. Simply get in touch today! For more information on how to create a budget for your trade show take a look at our article Tradeshow Budgets.

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