All About Mesh Banners

This week the spotlight turns to our mesh banners : what are they? Why are they different from standard PVC banners? And how can they help with your promotional signage and traffic engagement? We talk all about mesh banners, read on to find out more…

all about mesh banners

All about mesh banners: what’s the difference between mesh and PVC banners? 

Mesh banners are made from PVC, just like PVC banners. However, the crucial difference lives in the porosity of the material. A standard PVC banner is made in one solid piece – with no holes. A mesh banner is created with thousands of tiny holes throughout the material.

Why would I need a mesh banner?

The tiny holes throughout the PVC allow for wind to travel through your banner. This means your mesh banner can be displayed outdoors, in windy conditions, and unlike PVC banners will not flap, leaving your sign legible at all times. It also means the wind won’t risk tearing through the banner, and it shouldn’t ever fly away!

This legibility is absolutely crucial if you’re hoping to catch passersby and entice them to your store, event or service. For example, a gym banner advertising discounted new memberships – this will glean a lot of custom through passersby, as they are likely to be local to the area. Ensure your message remains legible at all times with a mesh banner. 

Is a mesh banner weatherproof?

Yes! When talking all about mesh banners, we’d be remiss if we didn’t shout about how weatherproof they are! Our mesh banners are waterproof, windproof and sunproof. They are printed with UV-resistant inks to ensure your printed banner doesn’t fade in the sun. 

I’m advertising outdoors- which type of banner do I need?

Both banners (standard PVC and mesh) are printed in bright, eye-catching inks on durable long lasting PVC. The main difference comes with the area where you’d like to display your banner. If the area is subject to windy conditions (a wind tunnel, near a road, near an underpass etc.) we would recommend the mesh banner. If the area is well sheltered and doesn’t suffer too much with windy conditions, the standard PVC banner should be fine. 

What size mesh banner can I order?

We carry sizes from 2×4 feet to 6×10 feet, but if you need a size not listed here that’s no problem. Simply get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll see what we can do for you!

So now you know all about mesh banners! Take a look at our previous articles to learn more about how to protect your banners from damage and the other types of outdoor banners

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