Assembling A Roller Banner

roller banner is a simple to use, easily transported banner stand. The printed banner graphics are attached into spring loaded bases and are designed to simply pull up out of the roller banner cassettes for display and to roll back when their work is done.

Setting up a roller banner can be done in under 30 seconds by one person and no tools are needed. Below is a step by step guide on how to assemble and set up your stand.

A PDF version of this guide is available to download – Roller Banner Assembly Guide

Helpful Tips Before You Start Your Roller Banner Assembly:

  • Always insert the pole into the base first and then pull the panel out the stand and hook it onto the pole. Do NOT use the pole to push the panel up – this will bend the pole and will also make seating the pole in the base very difficult.
  • If you stand is leaning or is unstable the most likely cause is an incorrectly seated support pole. The pole must be inserted fully into the locator in the base.
  • When packing your stand away always hold the panel and gently roll it into the base. Do not let go of the panel – this will damage your stand and the printed panel.
  • If you are not tall enough to reach the top of the pole when setting up your stand, you can tilt the stand towards you to make attaching the panel easier.
  • For stands wider than 1.5m it is advisable to have two people erect the stand.

How to assemble a pull up banner

Step 1

roller banner assembly

Remove the roller banner from the carry case and turn the two feet out so that they are 90 degrees to the base

Step 2

Assembly Guide - Step 2

Remove the pole from either the case or from the pole compartment in the back of the banner stand. Remove the plastic packaging from the pole and slot the 3 sections of poles together.

Step 3

Assembly Guide - Step 3

Insert the pole into the hole in the base. Ensure that the pole is fully secured into the locator at the bottom of the base. The locator can be one of two types – an indent in the aluminium casing or a grey plastic locator. It is very important that the pole is seating correctly into the locator – if not the banner will lean and will become unstable.

Step 4

Assembly Guide - Step 4

Standing at the rear of the banner pull the panel upwards to extend the printed panel. Hold the panel securely and do not let it go until it is securely attached to the top of the pole. If it is difficult to reach the top of the pole tilt the stand towards you so that it is easier to reach.

Step 5

Assembly Guide - Step 5

Hook the panel onto the top of the pole. There will be two different attachments. Our Economy stand is supplied with a black plastic hook attachment – this slots into the channel in the header bar. Our Budget stands have a slot in the header bar which hooks into the top of the pole.

Your stand is now set up and ready to use. To pack the stand away simply un-hook the panel and carefully ease it into the base. Never let a panel shoot back into the base this will damage your stand.

Now that you know how quick and easy it is to assemble a roller banner, check out our range of standard size pull up bannerswide roll up banners and double sided roller banners.

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