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If you are going to an event where you have that perfect opportunity to promote your company, your brand, your product or your services, then you’ll need printed banners. In fact, you may need quite a few of them for maximum exposure, as you may want to place your printed banner stands in various locations. A banner is the best way to advertise, after all (as it is the most cost-effective and the most convenient compared to other means of advertising). To make sure your printed banners reach their full potential, however, you need to make sure they are designed well – and that’s sometimes tricky. Ever wonder how to make your banners as effective as they could possibly be? Here are the top four things to consider when creating the right design and artwork for your banner.

banner artwork and design

1. Banner artwork: choosing the right images

Your banner print needs to look professional, and the best way to do this is to make sure that your imagery sends a clear message – with quality. A picture paints a thousand words, so make sure it is not only appropriate for what you want to convey, but also that it is clear and professional. Nothing is worse than a grainy or unclear picture; it truly sends an awful message if it’s not done right.

2. Choosing the right colours

Colours say a lot. In China, the colour red is a symbol of success – in Japan and Korea it is associated with death. Colours such as red in the UK can mean danger or green is a good choice to encourage customers to buy. Use colours that support your marketing message, but that also suit your brand. Big, bold, colours are a good choice for outdoor banner printing. Choose UK banner printers and UK designers if your market is the UK; they understand the market and can advise you well. Remember, however, that colours look a little different on screen than in print so double check with your printing team first. 

3. Fonts and typefaces

Always look to use fonts that are clear and easy to read. Scroll or handwriting type fonts can be difficult to read quickly. Bear in mind your printed banner will be viewed from a distance and may only be seen for a few seconds especially Outdoor PVC Banners. Therefore it is important that your text stands out and can be seen and read quickly. When selecting font colours use dark bold colours only on light backgrounds. This way you text will be clearly visible when you banner is printed.

4. Be clear with the message

Printing a banner is easy – making sure you print the right message is not. Do research on your company, your product and your brand, and make sure your target demographic will welcome the message. Do your research and find out what your customer is attracted to.

The truth is that you would probably be wise finding the right banner printing service first – find out what sizes they can provide, what materials the banners are printed on, and to what resolution the banner can be printed;
the quality is of utmost importance, and your design will be limited (or unlimited) depending on what they can provide. Once you have their recommendations, you can decide on a design based on the customer’s preference and your market research. In the end, it’s important you understand your target demographic, your message to them, and what the best way is to get that message across.

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