Banner Graphics Guide

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Banner Graphics Guide

All our roller banners are delivered already inserted into their roller base and are ready to use straight out the box. However there may be times when you may want to swap the printed banner with a new updated print. This can be a good option if your roller banner base has only seen light use and can be recycled, saving some cost and helping the environment. We offer the option of ordering replacement graphic panels online.

To help make the process of swapping panels as easy as possible please read through our step by step banner graphics guide below. If you need help please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

Before you start

Although changing a roller banner panel is possible on your own, it is much easier if you have someone to help you. Also make sure that you have an area clear you can work on such as long table.

What will you need

You will need your existing roller banner stand, a printed replacement panel and an allen key for holding the spring (which will be supplied if you have ordered a replacement panel from us.)

Step by Step Banners Graphic Guide

Step 1 – Pull out the existing panel

Pull the existing panel all the way out of the roller banner base. Keep pulling it out until you can see the white leader sheet (the piece the panel is stuck to)

Banner graphics guide - Pull panel out of roller banner

Step 2 – Insert the Allen Key

Once the panel is fully extended insert the allen key into the small hole on the side of the banner stand. This will be the right hand side if the stand is closest to you and the panel is extending away from you. Ensure the allen key is fully inserted into the hole, it may be necessary to allow the panel to roll back a small way to align the mechanism with the hole. Once inserted the allen key will lock the spring and stop the panel rolling back into the stand.

Insert allen key into roller banner stand Secure roller banner spring

Step 3 – Remove the existing panel

Once the allen key is inserted you can then remove the existing panel. This will be attached to the leader sheet with double sided tape. Simply peel away the panel from the leader sheet. Take care not to tear the leader sheet.

Remove pull up banner panel Pull up banner panel removed

Step 4 – Remove the Header Bar from the existing panel

The header bar is the metal strip at the top of the graphic panel which holds the panel on the pole. There are two types of header bar – a self-adhesive one or a clamp type one. The clamp header bars are better quality and will be found on our roller banners. To remove the header bar start by removing the two plastic inserts at the ends. These are plugs and will simply pull out. Next, open the clamp bar, this can be done by pulling the two pieces of the header apart as shown in the picture below. The header bar will open and the panel can then be removed.

Pull out plastic end caps opening a roller banner header bar roller banner top attachment bar

Step 5 – Attach the header bar to the replacement panel.

You can now insert the new panel into the header bar making sure that the header bar is attached the same way as it come off. This means that the clip that attaches to the pole is located on the back so that the print faces forward. Ensure the panel is fully inserted into the header bar across its whole length. To fix in place push down the clamp system so that the header bar locks in place onto the new panel. Once clamped securely you can re-insert the two plastic end caps on each end.

Slot the panel into the header bar:

insert printed banner into header bar

Ensure the panel is inserted fully across its length:

roller banner header bar

Clamp the header bar closed:

Clamping a pop up banner header bar securing a pull up banner header bar

Insert the plastic end caps:

Insert header bar end caps

Step 6 – Attach the new panel to the roller banner base

With the header bar attached to the replacement panel you are now ready to attach it to the roller banner mechanism. To do this first peel off the covering on the double sided tape at the bottom of your new panel. If you have not ordered a panel from us you may need to add this strip onto your panel. With the adhesive strip exposed stick the panel onto the leader sheet in the same position as the old panel you removed in step 3 above. Make sure it is stuck straight and that it does not overlap the edge of the leader sheet.

tape on roller banner replacement panel attaching a banner to a roller banner

Step 7 – Remove the allen key and start using your roller banner.

The final step is to now remove the allen key to release the spring. It is important that you hold the panel with one hand as that it does not “shoot” back into the base. Pull the allen key with one hand, hold the panel securely and ease the panel back into the stand.

removing key on roller banner releasing roller banner spring

You are now ready to use your new stand! If all this looks daunting why not select one of our ready made pop up banner stands from our range of stands available online.

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