Be Covid Secure with Flyers Leaflets Posters

Last week we took a look at how our roller banners can help you in your business, event or exhibition to act as Covid secure screens (check it out here). Our clear banners have proven popular as makeshift, mobile screens, which can be easily erected, taken down and disinfected. Although we are known for roller banners (hence the name!) we also provide a number of other products that can help keep your staff, customers and visitors Covid safe.

We’ve compiled some ideas for how to use our products to keep yourself and your patrons safe during this time. Be Covid Secure with flyers leaflets posters and more! Read on to learn how our printed products can help keep your business safe…

Be Covid Secure with Flyers Leaflets Posters

Posters and Flyers

We are able to print high volumes of posters, complete with bespoke artwork and custom text. Consider using our poster range, with added lamination, to create wipe-clean, easy to disinfect, reusable menus, information cards or instructional posters. Alternatively, standard budget printing can create high volumes of cheap posters which can be recycled and used as disposable leaflets, informative flyers, or menus / place mats in restaurants or bars.

If you’re working in tourism or hospitality, consider using a poster or flyer to create cheap, high volume information leaflets or maps – a disposable alternative, so your customers still feel like they are getting all the information needed, without you having to disinfect audio guides or interactive displays in between uses.

Boards and Banners

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An alternative to flyers and posters is using large static Foam or Correx boards, which are durable and weatherproof. As such, these can be situated indoors and outdoors. These large signs are thicker and substantially hardier than posters, meaning they have longevity. You can use these boards outdoors to act as large signage, reminding customers and visitors to wear face coverings, keep their distance or wash their hands. You can also print a QR code onto these- perfect for restaurants or bars where QR codes are being used to link smartphones to menus and ways to order.

You can also tack these boards to signposts, lampposts or bollards, reminding customers to follow advice and helping to keep everyone safe. If you’re a business that requires Track and Trace, you can ensure your queue or waiting area has QR codes printed on these posters or boards, so that customers or visitors waiting to enter can check in with Track and Trace.

We can also provide banners or pop out banners, to ensure maximum visual impact when entering your business, event or exhibition. Large standing flags are also sure to be notice; consider one either side of your entranceway.

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We offer printed, custom-made gazebos – perfect for an event or exhibition. You can choose to have these printed with advice, guidelines or warnings, and you can also set up a hand sanitizing station inside, making sure that all your visitors are kept safe. At 3 x 3 metres, your visitors will be sure to take notice!

Our products all have fast production turnaround and free delivery – so let us help you make your business Covid secure today.

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