3 Fantastic Bonfire Night Event Ideas

As Bonfire Night 2022 fast approaches, many people are really looking forward to celebrating Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th. After a fair few celebrations having been cancelled over the last few years, we’re all keen to see some fireworks, warm ourselves by a bonfire and drink a hot brew or two! However, have you considered doing something a little different to celebrate? We take a look at some other Bonfire Night event ideas…

Bonfire night event ideas

1. Fundraising Bonfire Night event ideas

Bonfire Night is a beloved celebration, which makes it the perfect time to raise some money for a good cause. We all love attending a sparkly, colourful display once the evenings get dark and miserable, so why not do something good and give back at the same time?

If you’re running a traditional fireworks show or a bonfire display, consider charging entry and donating the proceeds to your chosen charity. Alternatively, pop donation buckets around the venue, or even run an event within an event specifically to fundraise. Some fundraising Bonfire Night events ideas include:

  • A raffle or tombola 
  • An auction
  • Games, ‘sports day’ or races
  • Children’s activities – like a colouring competition with a template of fireworks!
  • Sweet treats or drinks – with the profits going to charity.

2. Out-of-the-box Bonfire Night event ideas

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not consider hosting a dinner for Bonfire Night? Create an elevated office party by organising a black tie event. Hire a venue, put on a spread, and include a fireworks display in the garden afterwards (providing the venue allows it!).

 As adults, we often miss out on some of the joyous holidays- as they are often geared towards family fun and kids’ entertainment. Bring some sparkle back to the grown ups by organising a glamorous Bonfire Night gala!

Alternatively, consider some of these more ‘out of the box’ Bonfire Night event ideas…

  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Create a ‘city map’, where your guests follow clues to find the party or display
  • Run a murder mystery night
  • Create a Pub Quiz type game show, with a round on Guy Fawkes trivia 

3. Traditional Bonfire Night event ideas

Aside from a large-scale bonfire, many other events have become traditional for November 5th, like markets, music and, of course, fireworks. Consider running a fireworks display, but ensure you buy fireworks from a licensed supplier (you can purchase fireworks if you are over the age of 18) and check with your local authority before organising. Add traditional touches like an effigy of Guy Fawkes for the bonfire, toffee apples and lots of hot chocolate!

Don’t forget –  fireworks can be incredibly dangerous, so it’s best to read expert advice before organising any displays. It’s absolutely imperative that if your event involves fireworks or handheld pyrotechnics (like sparklers) that you display informative health and safety signage. Signage should be large scale, visible and indoors and outdoors and should stipulate helpful advice and information to ensure there are no injuries or accidents. Helpful messages to display include:

  • Keep well back from the display
  • Never go near a lit firework
  • Wear non flammable gloves when holding a sparkler
  • No smoking or lighters lit at any time
  • Buckets of water here!
  • Dispose of your sparkler in a bucket or water or sand

Use large scale wide roller banners for your indoor signage, and consider weatherproof PVC banners for your outdoor signage. If you’re worried about windy conditions for your event, make sure you invest in some mesh banners – the wind will penetrate the holes and allow air to travel through the banner, meaning it won’t flap around and become hard to read during the event.

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