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We know that things are incredibly challenging right now. After the reopening of many businesses following the first Covid lockdown, we as business owners and managers wanted to do everything we could to bring in some profit for 2020. However, things haven’t quite worked out as we’d hoped, and with a second lockdown now in place, we are having to once again adapt.

This year has been a year of adaptions- and we should all congratulate ourselves, because we’ve all risen to the challenge. From a new way of socialising, keeping ourselves entertained and staying fit, to a new way of running business, we have adjusted to fit these highly unusual circumstances.

Working from home

One of the biggest changes for businesses right now is that more people than ever are working from home. The government Coronavirus advice has long been that if you can work from home, you should, in order to keep you and your colleagues as safe as possible. And with so many people working from home right now, Roller Banners UK can help!

working from home

After lockdown earlier this year, more and more companies have realised that working from home really is a viable option for many of their staff – whether that be full or part time – and right now, many people will be working from home for at least the duration of November.

We’ve noticed a rising trend in our orders – using roller banners as backdrops! Nowadays with the prevalence of Zoom, Teams and other video call software, it really is very possible to work efficiently from home, whilst still holding meetings with your colleagues, clients and customers. Many businesses are now using custom branded, lightweight and cost-effective roller banners as backdrops to their staff’s Zoom calls, allowing them to maintain a level of professionalism, uniformity and branding, even whilst working from home!

Staff can speak to clients and customers from in front of a branded backdrop – reassuring the clients and giving the employee a sense of professionalism. Perfect for face-to-face support (much like the Curry’s advert currently showing, advertising their new face-to-face video consultations). Roller Banners can be created with your choice of artwork and logos, and can even be designed in-house, so if you don’t have a branded or logoed design to use, we can create one for you!

Simply go to your home working space, pop up the easy-to-assemble banner, designed with your company logo and branding, and voila! Ready for your day’s virtual meetings! Perfect for reinforcing your brand advertising – even from people’s homes!

We’ve even had some orders for green roller banners – to be used as home-use green screens, for self-tapes, animation projects and virtual meetings.

greenscreen roller banner

Let Roller Banners UK make working from home a bit easier – get in touch today and find out how we can help your staff create a professional, uniform and branded backdrop to their working environment!

If you’re struggling to stay motivated whilst working from home check out our article: Make Working From Home Easy!

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