Business Exhibitions

Business Exhibitions

A guide to business exhibitions in 2021

2021 has so far been a very mixed year. As restrictions begin to ease, we are all looking forward to getting back to life as ‘normal’, but we aren’t quite there. Large gatherings and events are some of the final restrictions yet to lift, and this includes some business shows and business conventions.

When are business exhibitions opening

When will business exhibitions be reopening?

At the moment, we’ve seen a large release in restrictions with the May 17th easing. Some events and activities are permitted but it depends very much on the size and scale. Currently, employers are still being urged to allow their employees to work from home wherever possible. This is expected to change with the June 21st easing of restrictions –
however, this is very much to be confirmed.

How can I prepare for my business exhibition?

If you aren’t able to host or attend your business convention now, you can always use this time to adequately prepare for when there’s a green light. Here’s a few things to consider…


If you’re hosting a business exhibition, make sure that you start researching venues now. Chances are that with the huge backlog of events, suitable venues will get booked up very quickly. You may want to pop yourself on a waiting list.

Similarly, some venues will struggle to account for social distancing. Try to find a venue that is large enough that your desired number of guest will be able to practise social distancing if needs be. With the future uncertain, it’s not clear whether distancing and masks will be required in corporate or social situations, so it’s best to be prepared.

Materials and equipment

Invest in your materials now, so that you are all ready to go when the time comes. Consider pull up displays for trade shows in the form of roller banners to draw attention to your stand and to help direct people around the venue. Roller banners can be easily taken down and re-erected, meaning you can move them throughout the day. As guests move, so do your pop up banners – keeping costs down.

You could also invest in an exhibition display to really make sure your business stands out. Similarly, make sure
you have plenty of informational flyers and leaflets on hand to give to your visitors.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to offer some freebies to entice people to your stand. Offer samples of your product, or custom printed products like stress balls, keychains or even custom printed bottle openers, complete with your logo and contact details. Freebies draw in attention, and mean that your business will remain at the forefront of the potential
customer’s mind- every time they open a bottle, for example!


Spend some time coming up with a snappy, 1 minute elevator pitch. Chances are, a fair few people visiting your stall will just pass by for a cursory glance: get them excited with a fast paced pitch and entice them to stay.

How can I keep my business show safe?

No one is quite sure what the rules around Covid will be as we enter the summer months, but if you’re planning to host a business exhibition it’s best to be prepared. Follow these tips to ensure maximum safety for your staff and visitors.

1. Offer hand sanitising stations

Business Exhibitions 2021

Dot hand sanitising statins around your venue to ensure people keep their hands clean. Use pop up exhibition displays as makeshift hand
sanitising station and draw attention to them with the inbuilt signage on their fronts. Our team at RollerBanners
have some pre-prepared designs on hand, so just get in touch to see what we can do for you!

Currently operating on ‘hands, face, space’, it’s also a good idea to have ample signage pointing to the bathrooms, so that visitors can regularly wash their hands.

2. Provide social distancing markers

It’s always worth investing in some social distancing markers. No matter what happens with the law surrounding distancing measures, in an environment with many people coming from many different households, it’s better to be safe.

Roller banners can be effectively used to display social distancing signage, as can vinyl floor graphics. These can be designed to indicate a 2m space, keeping your visitors safe and distanced.

3. Display signage

Use outdoor banners to inform your visitors about yours safety measures, including requesting that they wear masks. Once entering the venue, it’s best to have a large scale roller banner display, letting visitors know what they must adhere to in order to stay safe.

Should you need any assistance planning your conference or exhibition materials, don’t hesitate to drop us a line on 023 8070 0111. Our friendly team are happy to help.

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