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Choosing a Banner for Outdoor Use: Major Factors You should Consider

1st Apr 2016

Outdoor shows and events are great places where you can advertise whatever it is you are offering. With outdoor shows, you have the advantage of large crowds, an exciting atmosphere, lots of fun and thrills, and more open-minded prospective customers. We at Roller Banners UK have had our share of outdoor shows and events (aside from having years of experience in banner printing on our side), so we have a good idea of what it is you should be considering when having a banner made for outdoor use. So what should you be thinking of when using a banner for an outdoor event? Let’s find out.

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor shows and events?

Granted, both outdoor and indoor events have a proliferation of crowds curious about what’s in store for them. But there is a distinct difference between outdoor and indoor events, especially when it comes to lighting and colours. 

Outdoor banner Printing

If you are at an indoor event, the lighting will be comprised mainly of spotlights and electric lighting fixtures. The lighting at indoor events will be more focused and pure. At an outdoor event, however, the lighting will be purely natural – the sun’s rays (even when the day is cloudy) will still filter through. There are also more neutral colours from trees, bushes, foliage, and the like.

The colours make a difference

When you are choosing the design of your banner, opt for colours which are brighter and more vivid than the colours found in nature, such as greens, browns, and khakis. Instead, choose bolder colours such as reds, blues, and yellows. If you want, you can opt for fluorescent or neon colours that will definitely appear bold and bright even in the midst of nature.

Make your banner stand out from the crowd

At many outdoor shows and events, there will be many people mingling together and wandering round. Also, there will undoubtedly be plenty of competition for your banner – other banners, posters, booths, and stalls promoting everything literally under the sun. In this regard, it pays to have your banner at a height over other banners – choose a banner that’s at least a head taller than other banners in the vicinity or have a platform constructed so your banner can really stand out.

Materials make the banner

Of course, even with the right colours and the right height for your banner, if you don’t have the right material, you might as well just use your banner indoors. Keep in mind that roller banners or other types of banners used outdoors will be exposed to the elements, be it wind, rain, sun, and what-have-you. So having the right material is crucial. Make sure the material of your banner is specifically for outdoor use, and the graphics should also be able to handle the elements as well.

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