Christmas Advertising

Christmas Print Advertising:  It is that time of year again when Christmas is just under two months away and the high street stores have been thrusting Christmas goodies beneath our noses since as early as October. However, seasonable run-of-the-mill presents are not the only thing that can be advertised at Christmas – we take a look at the different options for Christmas Advertising, of which you can take advantage…

Christmas advertising


Christmas Advertising: niche services

 If your company is not a ‘goods’ outlet, you should consider whether any of your services can be packaged or marketed as an unusual or niche gift. For example, if you offer accounting services, you could offer a Christmas package deal for someone who is starting up their own company. Not the most glamorous of gifts, agreed, but it could be just the type of gesture that would be appreciated for the coming year.

Alternatively, if you offer training, either for professional or personal development reasons, you could offer money off vouchers for specific courses, such as ‘Learn Graphic Design’ or ‘Teach Yourself Crochet’. These types of products or services can be offered as a gift card, money off voucher or promotional code.


Christmas Advertising: How to advertise

 Of course, if this course of action is an unusual marketing venture for you, it will probably be so for your customers as well, so you will need to advertise this new campaign. If you have a retail outlet or commercial premises, you can do this both online and offline, and in fact, a two-pronged approach in this way covers all the bases.


Christmas Advertising: Online advertising

 If your company sends out a monthly newsletter, be sure to include the Christmas offer in it and to increase click through rates on emailed newsletters, make sure the offer is mentioned in the subject line. Set up a page on your company website that gives full details of the offer, and embed a link in the relevant newsletter section. This is also the time to make full use of social media by announcing your offer in tweets and posts. Just remember to utilise the hashtag (create your own, so it won’t get confused with anything else).


Christmas Advertising: Offline advertising

 If you have a shop, you will need printed advertising to get the word out about your special Christmas offers as well. Put up posters in the windows, a roller banner just outside your door, and do not forget the possibly wasted space at the till or reception area. This is a prime location for advertising as you already have a captive audience. However, you do not want advertising to be in your customers’ faces, so opt for something a little smaller than a poster, such as desktop display roller banner. This has the advantage of being easy to move and repositioned anywhere, and can be a highly effective marketing tool. Consider a leaflet or flyer campaign as well, as this may draw in customers who were previously unaware of your existence because they have never passed your shop or office.

There is always at least one member of a family who is difficult to buy for at Christmas, so broaden your reach, and increase sales with niche gift offers that just might be on someone’s wish list.

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