Cost Effective Christmas Signage 

As the festive season approaches, we are all thinking about how we can decorate our businesses, promote our seasonal offers and advertise new products… all while keeping costs down! Take a look at our ideas for cost effective Christmas signage here…

Cost effective Christmas signage 

Reusable cost effective Christmas signage

One of the best ways to keep costs down is to invest in reusable signage that can be displayed time and time again, year after year. By investing in higher quality products, and spending more in one single payment, it will ultimately save you some serious funds over the year – and it’s better for the environment! 

Invest in high quality premium roller banners that can display festive messages year after year. Similarly, for outdoor advertising, invest in a high quality PVC weatherproof banner (or a mesh banner for windy areas) that can be used time and time again. Your reusable signage can display messages that will remain pertinent to your customers every festive season for example:

  • Happy Christmas! 
  • January Sale Now On! 
  • 12 Days of Discounts! 
  • Christmas Products Now In Store
  • Wishing all our customers a happy holiday season etc.

Single use cost effective Chrsitmas signage

Of course, some of your festive signage will be different year to year. You might well have different products, different offers and discounts and maybe even different dates for sales. As such, you’re going to need to complement your eco-friendly cost effective reusable signage with some single use signage. So how can you keep signage that isn’t reusable cost effective? We have some ideas…


Rather than printing on Correx, Foam Board or PVC banners, use posters to the best of your ability. If you invest in a glass or plastic display frame, an A Board or a forecourt sign, you can simply switch out the posters with new products, offers and events, as they come up. Posters are cost effective Christmas signage that can also be recycled – a win win! 

Flyers and leaflets

Recyclable, small, portable, easy to send out in the mail or pop by the door… There’s a lot of advantages to promoting your Christmas events, products and services with flyers and leaflets. And they won’t break the bank! 

Digital advertising

It isn’t just physical signage that will keep your customers interested! When it comes to cost effective Christmas signage, take advantage of the digital. If you have a screen, TV or projector in your business, display digital posters and information on a loop – free, eco friendly and eye catching! Similarly, take advantage of your website and social media and plaster it with all your festive news. Try to create a theme with similar colour schemes and clear branding, to integrate your digital advertising with your in store signage.

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