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Today’s the day everyone’s been waiting for! From April 12th, the UK lockdown restrictions ease somewhat; as of right now you can go to a non-essential shop, a hairdressers, gym, zoo, theme park, spa or swimming pool! You can also now frequent pubs and restaurants in their gardens and outdoor spaces only. But as the restrictions change, it’s important to keep your customers and visitors safe, distanced and following the rules. Find out exactly what kind of outdoor signage and instore information your hospitality, personal care or retail business will need right here…

Outdoor Covid Signs

What do I need to do maintain a COVID secure business?

There’s no hard and fast rule on the outdoor signage or indoor informational material needed to make your business covid-safe; however, the government is still maintaining the 2 metre distanced rule wherever possible (there is talk that this may be reduced to 1 or 1.5 metres in May, but it currently remains at 2). As such, for retail and hospitality services, providing Covid signage wherever possible to keep your visitors 2 metres apart is absolutely crucial to the safety of your customers and staff. We’d also recommend keeping your customers as safe as possible with regular hand-sanitising stations, and frequent signs to remind customers that they must wear masks indoors. If you are a ‘close contact business’, where the service provided cannot be at a 2 metre length (beauticians, hairdressers etc) check out’s guide for close contact services. In this case, sufficient PPE should be worn, the place should be ventilated and disinfected regularly.

How can I check my business is safe? has launched some resources to help, including some guidelines on working safely during the pandemic. It’s best to be extra safe, as venue’s found to be breaking the rules could be fined and shut down.

What outdoor signage can I use?

If you’re working in retail, personal services or hospitality, outdoor signage is a useful tool to help your customers follow the rules, and to keep you all safe.

Outdoor banners

Outdoor banners can let your customers know that you’re reopen, whilst reminding them of important safety messages upon entering your business. Ask customers to don their masks, keep their distance, or not enter if they have symptoms with custom outdoor banner printing.


Consider using a poster or sign to supply new information- including inside rules and new opening times. For commercial outdoor signage Outdoor Correx signs are extremely durable and will stand up against the April showers!

Outdoor signage stand

If you’re looking for a sturdy, waterproof and informative outdoor signage stand, consider using a pavement A board outside your venue, to display crucial information from two different sides (front and back!). Alternatively, a strong forecourt sign will provide long-lasting, weatherproof communication with your visitors.

Commercial covid signs for outside

What indoor Covid signage can I use?

Of course, if customers are coming into your business, it’s best to have information on display inside, as well as outdoor signage.

Roller banners

Use custom printed roller banners for large scale signage to promote messages of safety. Consider using a wide roller banner as the backdrop for a hand sanitising station, to really draw the eye and encourage visitors to use it. A lightweight roller banner can be easily moved around your store or venue, as and when it is needed. Alternatively, use an a3 pop up banner or mini retractable banner stand for smaller signage. 

Floor stickers

Vinyl floor stickers are a fantastic way to mark out a queue point and to ensure that visitors keep 2 metres apart. You can use these indoors (ideal for shops and supermarkets) and outdoors (perfect for zoos and theme park queues).

Strut cards

Use strut cards to display safety measures, or include handy QR codes to link customers and visitors to your website or point of ordering. These are especially popular within the hospitality industry, as customers must remain at their table at all times – perfect for ordering food or drink via your smartphone, without the need for face to face contact!

Pop up counters

Additionally, why not use a pop up counter as a makeshift hand sanitising station? Each counter has inside storage; perfect for refills! The team at Roller Banners UK have even created graphics for hand sanitising stations, to save on design and turnaround time – just give us a ring to discuss your needs.

Indoor covid signage

We hope you found this guide on business signage helpful. Should you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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