Creating Exhibition Stands

They come in all shapes and sizes, but creating a unique exhibition stand can help you stand out from the crowd at a busy trade show or event – utilising tried and true techniques can provide the boost your exhibition stand needs. How do you set about creating exhibition stands that really ‘wow’? We find out…

creating exhibition stands

Factors to consider when creating exhibition stands


1. Lighting

The use of lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of your exhibition stand and is a tool that doesn’t require the use of a large amount of space – many techniques used by bigger exhibition stands may required a lot of space or high tech solutions, but the change in lighting is a very simple approach that can have a great impact. Whether the use of negative or contrast light, or just lighting to emphasise a part of your exhibition – creative approaches to lighting can be found all over in many different exhibitions and can serve as great inspiration for methods in approaching your own exhibitions.

2. Physical Props

If your exhibition is to display an idea, you may be able to use physical props to create a unique experience in the absence of a big budget for a fancy stand. This has been seen used with an idea at a London expo with smoothie bikes – a blending machine had been hooked up to a stationary bike so attendees could create their own smoothies by doing a little cycling on the bike – the unique experience provides a fun talking point and a way to engage the audience without needing to invest a lot of money.

3. A Familiar Space

Utilising a familiar space can help build a connection with attendees – creating a meeting room, a lounge, or an office away from the office within your exhibition area can provide a place in which you can talk to your attendees about what you’re offering and provide an area which is away from the hustle and bustle of the convention or trade show to create a little excluded area that build and cement important relationships.

4. Modular Layouts

Another unique approach has been seen is the use of modular exhibition stand layouts – reusable cubes that can be changed, re-used and reshaped to fit any size or shape required, but also to provide a changing environment for those who may have already walked by your booth and to see it in a different way on a return trip. Although it may not fit your booth directly, it may serve as inspiration to create an environment which seems different each time people pass or visit.

5. Simplicity

With evolving tech and a whole host of blog ideas filled with wacky and unique ways to make your exhibition stand out from everyone else, the often overlooked property that will always remain powerful is simplicity – using your brand colours to create an environment that stands out, but isn’t too complex. Creating a space that isn’t all bells and whistles keeps costs low but also makes it approachable – like the booth shown above you may create an enclosed area that offers more, but on the surface it doesn’t throw too much at passers by creating intrigue and an environment that makes foot traffic asks questions about what could be inside.

Exhibition stands at trade shows have come a long way as the tools that can be used have developed over the years, and as traditional methods such as print banners still remain very strong, others are also turning to digital alternatives that shout rather than whisper. A lot of lessons can be learned from the many examples of cool exhibition stands that have appeared over the years, but creating an experience that is true to your brand and to your audience is still just as important as ever.

Check out our guide to exhibition stands for more information, and our full range of exhibition stand options.

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