Design Your Own Exhibition Stand

Design Your Own Exhibition Stand

It looks as if the world may be getting back on track in many aspects as the spread of the coronavirus has begun to slow, although it may be some time before exhibitions and trade shows get back underway on a larger scale, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. There’s going to be a wealth of opportunity for recovery in the coming months, and as such it may be important to capitalize as early as possible to find the biggest benefit. Here are some tips and tricks to design your own exhibition stand.

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1. Set goals ahead of time

If you want to design your own exhibition stand, you may be eager to just dive in straight away. However as your exhibition stand is crucial to your customer engagement, it’s important to realize the goals and the message you intend to send before you jump in. Whilst it may look great, it won’t have the desired impact if it’s unable to clearly express your company message it may fall flat.

Keep your goals in mind throughout every stage of design and you’ll always have a clear road to follow – this helps keep consistency throughout all of your exhibition tools from roller banners to flyers too.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words

As the saying goes, incorporate imagery where possible. We’re in an era of instant gratification – we can pull up video, imagery, and information instantly on our mobile devices and the second something takes a few seconds too many to load, we become disinterested. This same philosophy should be applied to your exhibition stand, keep things simple and make sure it can be seen.

3. Easy on the text

As a follow-on from the previous point, incorporating too much text-based information could have the opposite effect of what you’d like. Although your goal is to spread the word, it may make more sense to do so in your sales pitch. Keep your design clean and simple to attract the most attention.

4. Create an experience

Going to a trade show or exhibition isn’t just about seeing some new brand products and getting a sales pitch, a large part of the journey is the experience for many and creating a unique experience may be what sets you apart from surrounding displays. Whether through lighting, layout, or textures amongst a list of other possibilities, creating a fun and unique experience will be what keeps guests coming back.

5. Don’t neglect your core audience

Whilst these shows are a great opportunity to network outside of your usual bubble, as well as attract a new audience to your business, it’s important to remember your core audience to continue communicating your message to them in the best way possible. You may have all the tech and fancy to do on your display, but keeping your core audience interested is also important.

Many of these tips to design your own exhibition stand also go hand in hand with our banner design tips and can all be applied to either circumstance. There is going to be a big opportunity to get your marketing off the ground within the coming weeks following a long period of downtime for many; getting it right the first time may be a make or break moment especially for smaller businesses. These exhibitions provide an invaluable opportunity to reach out and communicate to your existing audience but also to a newer audience who may be unfamiliar with you, make the most of this time to engage new and existing audiences within your market as we may be back to a time of normalcy sooner than it may appear.

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