Designing roller banners

Planning a design for marketing materials can take some time because there are so many things to consider and design ideas are limitless. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure that your roller banners get your message out there and look good while they do it. Here are some tips for designing  roller banners…

6 top tips for designing roller banners

designing roller banners  

1.  Rethink your logo

While some businesses may want to promote their logo heavily, some might choose to make their logo just a small part of the graphics presented to their target demographic. You may also have several company logos from which to choose. For a subtle effect, your logo could be featured as a semi-transparent background graphic with your predominate message on top. For a bold look, you may want to feature your logo in the centre of your banner.  

2. Go bold

Colourful banners draw more attention than those with tones that are more neutral. However, we realize that a lot of colour is not always desired. If this is the case, then choosing colours that contrast well with each other can help draw the eye to your message. For example, a banner that has a lot of brown and white might look good if a colour such as hunter green is added to the design. Patterns can also add a bold look, no matter what colours you choose to use.  

3. Eliminate information overload

While it can be tempting to try to cram every great thing you can think of onto a banner, it is more pleasing to the eye and less confusing to your clients if you don’t. You can always have more than one banner made so that you can convey what you want, without making it hard for people to understand when looking at your banner. Your banner is meant to be used for key announcements and to draw a customer in so they can learn more. It doesn’t need to tell them everything.  

4. Consider where it will be displayed

Roller banners come in many different sizes. They can be printed to have a design on either side if they are to be placed in an area where people can easily see both sides. This makes the maximum use of your advertising space. Small desktop roller banners make for a great display on a reception desk or small shelf. If banners are to be placed outside you will want to be sure to get an outdoor grade banner that can more readily withstand bad weather conditions as well as UV rays from the sun.  

5. Consider text configuration

In Japan it’s common to read from the top to the bottom, in Arab countries from right to left – but the Western world starts at the top left and finishes at the bottom right. Hence, place the most important message left and up, the details down and right.

6. Go for quality

This is not only true for roller banners in terms of materials, but also in terms of print and certainly in terms of graphics. Nothing is worse than a banner with a great message but with unclear print or low-resolution graphics. Your roll up banner needs to project a professional image

Need help designing roller banners?

Running a business or planning an event is hard work. Sometimes, coming up with the right decorations or marketing materials can make it harder to get done what you need to. That is why Roller Banners UK offers an extremely reasonably priced design service for your banners. All you do is supply your logo, text, or any other graphics and Roller Banners UK will combine them into a custom banner for your business, organization, or special event.

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