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​Double sided roller banners for double the impact

Posted by Joanne Serellis on 10th Jul 2015

If you want to impress your customers when they are visiting then you need to be utilising double-sided roller banners for a maximum impact marketing campaign.

Double sided roller banners great for walkways and shopping centres

For spaces where people are busy going about their business, the double-sided roller banner provides more exposure to every passer-by. It means that each potential customer has double the chance of seeing your message and they are likely to see it more than once. Storefronts that are in shopping centres can utilise them for drawing traffic in from shopping centre thoroughfares.

Double Sided Roller Banners

Increasing customer load during big sales

If you are in the retail or service industry there is probably a time of year when you want to offer your customers a special discount or when you want to offer an incentive to attract new customers. Double sided banners can help get your message out there well ahead of your sale so that it is easier for interested parties to find the time to make it out to your business.

Trade show appeal

When you are at a trade show it can be hard to stand out from all the other booths and businesses. This is especially true if all the companies there are very similar in terms of the nature of the products they offer. A double-sided roller banner can help to attract the crowds to your stand. You can even place a banner outside the exhibition hall to draw even more foot traffic towards you.

Outdoor events

If you need a double-sided roller banner for outdoor use, Roller Banners UK has you covered. Our premium Outdoor Roller Banner stands have a base that can be filled with water or sand on site, so there are no worries about these banners being unable to withstand strong winds or driving rain.

Easy to transport

All roller banners come with a free carry case that makes transporting them easy. This is especially helpful for those people who travel and promote their business a lot or who sell at public markets and other events.

Eye catching prints

Roller Banners UK uses the finest inks to make sure that your graphics, logo and message all look as sharp and eye catching as possible. Our ink holds up well to UV rays and other environmental factors. Even the most intense graphic designs will look stunning when you choose Roller Banners UK.

Express service for last minute marketing needs

Business is all about opportunity. That is why we offer an express 24-hour turnaround when you need your materials the most. This means that you can put together a spectacular presentation or advertising campaign in very little time that will impress everyone seeing it.

Designing the banner that gets the job done right

Roller Banners UK has easy to use templates that make it simple to design a professional banner. If you need help then get in touch with the experts at Roller Banners UK who will be pleased to help you.