Effective Roller Banner Design

Roller banners have always been a great tool in marketing, especially if you are wary about spending too much for your marketing or promotional strategy. But although a roller banner is generally more affordable compared to other promotional materials, you would still want to ensure that it’s a worthwhile investment. The overall design of your roller banner needs to be thought out as carefully as possible. Here, then, are the top five design considerations you should remember for an exceptionally effective roller banner.

5 Tips For Effective Roller Banner Design

1. Make it F.A.B 

When we say make it F.A.B, remember that F.A.B stands for ‘features,’ ‘advantages,’ and ‘benefits.’ Don’t forget to include these three important elements. A banner without these three elements is basically worthless, as you wouldn’t be able to get your message across and spur action in your audience. Make sure the product or service’s features are highlighted, and the same goes for its advantages as well as its benefits. If your product or service has a lot of features and benefits, just focus on the top three and include this in your banner’s message.

Effective Roller Banner Design - see vs read


2. Simplicity is best

Whilst it can be tempting to overload your roll up banner with as many messages as possible, don’t do it. Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information. Instead, keep it simple. Also, try to avoid clutter by designing your banner in a simple and straightforward way. Usebullet points. Keep your banner organised by making use of boxes. Have one single high-quality graphic or image your audience can appreciate.

3. Make it seen

 When designing your banner, you also have to make sure that it can be easily seen from a distance. If you are using it in an exhibition, make it a point to have it seen by people standing across the hall. This means making the font as big as you can (without having it scream in the faces of your target market, that is). You should still try to make it tasteful and elegant. You can focus on one singular message, phrase, or word that can attract attention and make this big enough whilst making the secondary message a tad smaller.

4. The message’s format

For effective roller banner design, you ou should also remember that the most important message of your banner should be kept at eye level. This ensures that you can catch the attention of passersby. Also, people will always read from the top to the bottom and from the left side to the right side, so your banner’s content (its headline, call to action, etc.) should be placed with this in mind.

5. Portability

 Roller banners are often built with flexibility and portability in mind, so make sure your banner can be easily rolled up or folded and stored. You would want to make use of your banner not just once or twice, but many times, so it needs to be easily stored and transported.

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