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The summer has finally arrived and despite the current global crisis, many are finding themselves outside with the crowd after a long lock down. Despite this, summer is always a great time to engage with your audience as you may find your efforts are much more visible than other times of year, but what tools are available to you for this? How can you set about engaging your audience, both existent and potential?

Printed materials to keep engaging your audience

Many of these solutions are available in a wide range of sizes available to suit any need required – but more importantly are available in full colour and weather proof solutions. These are great for the summer but with the unpredictable weather they will also serve their purpose as we move quickly toward the winter too. Plan ahead and have your material ready ahead of time to ensure you have a step up on the competition and help see you through the back end of these tougher times.

Printed gazebos and tents – Take your business outside and give your audience a break from the heat – perfect for larger trade shows or any bigger outdoor events, printed gazebos and tents are a great opportunity to create a hub for your business away from your brick and mortar location. They may require a little setup time as you put one together, but provide a portable solution to taking your business on the road.

Portable flags – Add a little flair to your outdoor display with a printed flag – whether to work in tandem with your other outdoor engagement or just capture the attention of those who are passing by. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, but serve as a great affordable and portable engagement solution.

Pavement and forecourt signage – This form of engagement may be more important now than ever, especially for getting information out there during the global crisis. A pavement or forecourt sign is a very affordable option that can be placed around your business, and a very simple way to inform changes to operating hours or procedures – this type of signage is also extremely portable and can be moved around throughout the day.

Mesh and wall banners – Another great affordable option for getting your message out there and capturing the attention of those passing by. Mesh banner printing is a great solution for having your own design printed in a very affordable way but there are also a number of options for having these designed for you, and wall mounted banner frames are a great solution for securing larger print banners outside.

All of the traditional outdoor signage is still very much a viable option too. Portable roller banners and pop-up banners are ideal whether you need something new or just reusing something old. However, with the reopening it may be prudent to create some new banners inline with the current COVID-19 crisis – whether these show any changes to opening and operating hours, as well as any operational changes for social distancing and changes for how certain aspects of your business may take place within payment or transaction, for example.

If you haven’t been already, now is a great time to start engaging  your audience. Non-essential businesses within the UK will be able to start reopening within the coming two weeks if they stick to the governmental guidance on making your location safe for visitors. As such, there may be a lot of competition, and so standing out to your audience and engaging with them in the right way could be the difference between falling into a comfortable position or struggling through the rest of the lock down.

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