Essential Exhibition Equipment

Essential exhibition equipment

Going to an exhibition or trade fair is not a thing to be taken lightly; your exhibition stand could make or break the interest in your particular product. Therefore, it is  absolutely vital to ensure that you have all the essentials needed for your exhibition stand. But what is essential exhibition equipment? We’ve got you covered!

Essential exhibition equipment

Essential exhibition equipment: a checklist

Knowing your spot

When you book an area at an exhibition, you should be given a copy of a contract that tells you all you need to know about where the exhibition is taking place. Such information should include where the power sockets are going to be located so that you will know where to position your electronic equipment and how much floor space you will have so you can plan the size and layout of your stand. 


Perhaps the most important aspect of your exhibition stand are the graphics that will announce you to the visitors, explain what your company is all about, and point them in the direction of your stand. There are various types of advertising signage you can use, such as posters, roller banners or pop up stands. Remember to keep the signage simple, yet informative. 


You may want to utilise lighting to highlight certain aspects or elements of your exhibition stand. Take portable lamps and spotlights with you, which can then be positioned where you need them. Just remember to take extension leads and batteries in order to power them.


People like to know whom they are talking to, so issue all your staff at the exhibition with nametags or badges, which, if possible and appropriate, should also include their job title.

Your staff will also need to be catered for during the long day, so provide plenty of bottled water, snacks, and packed lunches, and perhaps even flasks of coffee and tea for them. They are also going to find it tiring to have to stand up all day long, so it is a good idea to take along a few fold-up chairs or stools.

Stationery and electronics

When all those leads start to come in, you do not want to be scrabbling around trying to find a pen and paper to take down details. Ensure that you take a good supply of writing materials, including ballpoint pens, pencils, and notepads, and also include Blu-Tak and Sellotape, scissors and a tape measure.

If you are planning to give demonstrations, it may be useful to have a flipchart to write on and if you would like written customer feedback, make sure that you have plenty of clipboards and pens available for visitors to use.

You might want to be a bit more modern in your approach, however, and perform demonstrations using a laptop or tablet computer. It might be a good idea to invest in some security locks or devices to prevent these valuable items from been stolen if you have to leave them unattended.

Company branding

You will want to provide something for your visitors to take away and remember you by. This means having company branded marketing material printed. Your basic marketing kit for your exhibition stand should include business cards, leaflets or flyers, and catalogues or brochures, if applicable.

By ensuring that you and your staff have these pieces of essential exhibition equipment, you will be able to focus on the most important aspect of your exhibition stand and attract more potential customers. Should you need any assistance picking out your perfect exhibition stands, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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