Excelling Exhibition Stands

This is your essential guide to creating a show-stopping exhibition stand and a warm welcome to visitors.

We’ve put together a gallery of displays for you to peruse with features worth adopting and adapting when formulating your design. Watch out for the key elements for making your exhibition presence a huge success.

The Basic Components

basic components


Exhibition space is not cheap so the aim is to ensure you maximise the dimensions you’ve been assigned and that means making the most of length, breadth
and height.

Imagine you are a visitor to an exhibition. You walk into the hall and are immediately bombarded by dazzling lights, graphics galore and images of all shapes and sizes. What would naturally draw
you to a particular stand? Is it the use of bright neon or primary colours? Is it the selection of futuristic looking stands and counters? Or maybe some lifelike structure that grabs your interest? Using some or all of these features will ensure your stand impinges on the imagination of your onlookers.

The image above shows the principal units available to build your exhibition shell. Note the variety of modules used, tall, ‘alcoved’ and counter and the mix of curved and straight lines. This makes for a professional yet clean cut look and the choice of two strong colours adds impact. If you want to keep it simple this is your starting point. But if you’d like to push the boundaries of creativity (not to mention your budget!) there are many approaches you could incorporate into your design.

The Simplistic Approach

simplistic approach

A popular choice, simple can be very effective in stating the mission of your business. The sparse use of modules, straight lines, one primary colour and uncomplicated graphics all imply stability and reliability. If trust is an issue for your customers then this straightforward, uncluttered and unfussy approach is a winner.

The Environmentally Friendly Approach

Environmentally Friendly Approach


A conservationist’s dream, this display is clever as well as stunning, making use of recycled cardboard and a piece of chalk. One of the cheaper options if you are artistically inclined; if not your budget may need to stretch to employing a design team to realise your dream!

The Futuristic Approach

Futuristic Approach


An eye-catching array of Perspex boxes constructed to give the impression of living quarters. The concept is basic, but its implementation specific and detailed. Not only is there effective selection of
primary colours but their strategic organisation allows light to pass through them in such a way as to give the impression of a new dimension. Those visitors disposed to sci-fi will not be able to stay away!

The Novel Approach

The Novel Approach


Intricate and awe-inspiring, this design is quirky and fun. A real crowd pleaser with the potential to rake in the customers by the dozen. Although its undoubtedly one of the more expensive designs, this does not detract from the deep thought and attention to detail that’s obviously gone into it. A combination of small town modern America and the wild west colonies, keeping true to the brand.

The Luxurious Approach

The Luxurious Approach


Opulent and classy, the curved seating is modern and bespoke inviting your customers in for a well-earned rest, (after all who doesn’t get achy feet after traipsing round an exhibition for hours?) Amalgamating the things that people love to love; relaxation and refreshment, nature and nurture, this design takes exhibition hospitality to a whole new level. From the continuation of laminate flooring into the wall, to the raindrop effect cascades and carefully aligned assortment of spirits, this is a truly indulgent display for visitors and employees alike.

The Unique Approach

The Unique Approach


Standing out in the crowd is what exhibiting is all about, so why not go the whole hog? This breath -taking design incorporates elements of the natural world with more familiar items associated with comfort
and homeliness. If your customers love the outdoors, the sight of driftwood partitions would be enough to draw them to your stand and the fresh white walls complimented by stacked logs and modern picture frames will make them want to stay.

The Elegant Approach

The Elegant Approach


Could you resist taking a peek at this enchanting set? A French pop-up patisserie facade beautifully encapsulates the Baby Shower theme through use of ornate furnishings, decorative cake plates and pastel shades. Every aspect of this display is dainty and delicate, yet so simply assembled and therefore cost effective, requiring very few accessories in addition to the stage set.

The Contemporary Approach

The Contemporary Approach

The true success of this exhibit lies in it’s lighting; calming hues of blue and violet entice the passers-by to climb aboard and join in the adventure. A substantial design comprised of curved counters and display boards, modern media, trendy seating and the occasional foliage to soften and contemporise the look.

How to get the look

These trendy displays are all very well for the adept, creative departments of high performing companies but where do the rest of us get this ‘stuff’ if your budget is limited and you’re short on time and
lacking on the inspiration front?

You’ve come to the right place, as when it comes to kitting you up with exhibition components,
Rollerbanners has it all. A master of the trade, Rollerbanners produce high quality and competitively priced pop up stands complete with full colour graphics for any exhibition event or tradeshow. No blood, sweat or tears are needed to put together your display as they can provide for all your exhibition requirements with their complete package offer straight out of the box!

The pop up
is a popular choice if you wish to interact with
your customers in a more formal way whilst keeping marketing material to hand
yet out of sight.

Pop-up Counter Stand

Counter stand

These are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions. You can also purchase your display stands individually with options including the
Pop Up Exhibition Stand

Counter Stand

Pop Up Exhibition Stand

Teno Banner Stand or the Eazy Curve Exhibition Stand let you get the look for less. Or for a complete kit with The Premium Exhibition Stand provides standout value for money.

wide premium roller banner has a huge display area of up to 2.9m wide and 2,150mm height – a display area of over 6 square meters, these stands are sure to make a big impact.

Need some help?

The Rollerbanners team are here to help with your
design too, offering expertise, advice and guidance to fully realise your concept. From the unstructured images buzzing around your head to the completed display ready to go, they will be there to walk and talk you through every stage of the process. They can even conjure up the ideas for you if you’ve drawn a blank!
Prices start at just £15.

Just call the Design Team on 023 8070 0111 or email;
info@rollerbannersuk.co.uk to book your appointment today!

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