Exhibition Design Ideas

Have you ever been to an exhibition and felt absolutely compelled to visit a particular stand? Why was that? Perhaps the product was extremely well advertised and looked interesting, maybe the stand caught your eye with its artwork or perhaps it struck you as particularly professional-looking? Whatever the reason, we can pretty much guarantee that was the work of a clever graphic designer, using their work to draw you in. Read on for expert exhibition design ideas to create eye-catching exhibition stands!

exhibition design ideas


When you see lists of innovative exhibition stand design ideas, they almost always begin with attention-grabbing artwork. The reason for that is simple: it’s the biggest element of your design and will therefore command the most attention. Whatever form your exhibition display graphics take, choose bright colours that complement your branding, images and artwork that convey your product and company message and integrate logos for excellent brand awareness and recognition.


Key to customer communication, ensure you use the correct font to both catch eyes, and complement your brand. Much like colour, font has psychological associations in the viewer: serif fonts (e.g. Times New Roman) promote confidence and experience, sans serif fonts (e.g. Calibri, comic sans) evoke ideas of fun and youthfulness. Script fonts (e.g. Lucida) convey luxury and playfulness, but can be hard to read from afar, and modern fonts (e.g. Helvetica) suggest forward thinking, and are intrinsically linked with tech companies in the minds of millennials (thanks to the Hulu and Facebook logos). Whatever font you use, make sure it’s appropriate to your brand, whilst remaining legible from a distance.

Font - exhibition design ideas


One of the best exhibition stand design ideas that we’ve come across is to fix your crucial branding dependent on visibility. Instead of placing your logo / company message at the top or centre of your stand as default, consider what should be high branding (easiest to view from a far), eye-level branding (mid-range) or low-level branding (up close visuals). Make sure the crucial parts of your company brand are high – e.g. your logo should be the most visible aspect of your display stand.


When it comes to exhibition display ideas, composition is often forgotten. You’ve got great artwork, appropriate and eye-catching font, and your company branding in all the right places- but have you considered the composition of your display unit? It’s important that they layout of your exhibition stand is clear and easily accessible. For example, you would want any free samples to be right at the front of your stand, so customers can easily get to them. Arrange your stand so it will be facing the maximum amount of people – and so that the maximum number of customers can see your unique brand image.

exhibition design ideas


When you thinking of exhibition design ideas, you’re unlikely to consider lighting. Don’t rely on the lighting in the centre – bring your own high quality lighting to ensure your stand has the appropriate mood. You can even bring a mini spotlight to ensure your logo reigns visible!

We hope you found our exhibition display ideas helpful! Take a look at our wide range of customisable exhibition products. Create your own artwork or take advantage of our in house design services. For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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