Exhibition Display Stands

Exhibition Display Stands

Are you confused by all the different terminology used to describe exhibition equipment, furniture and accessories? How can you know which items you need to effectively promote your brand at the forthcoming Trade Show? Well, keep reading for a brief explanation of the key terms you need to know when setting up your exhibition display stands.

confused about exhibition display stands?

According to The Oxford Living Dictionary a display is “something put in a prominent place in order that it may be readily seen,” and the definition offered by Wikipedia of a display stand is “An advertising tool that has a direct impact on product sales.”

Inserting these official explanations into the commercial context indicates the need to bring products, services or brands out into the open for public perusal and learning. The stand or base units used provide a platform for organising products and information in an orderly, attractive and easily discernible way. In other words, the products or services you offer are more easily identified and explained for potential customers to make a purchase decision.


Well it can be one of two things:

  • The frame, rack, board or base for attaching a promotional graphic to catch the attention of predisposed members of the pubic. Examples of these exhibition display stands include pop up stands and counters, roller banners, display boards and literature stands. Other names for exhibition display stands are Promotional Display Stands, Pop-up stands and Presentation Displays. The entire space purchased at the exhibition site for promotion of a specific brand, product or service. The exhibition space is filled using a selection of graphic displays, display stands, exhibition furniture and accessories following one of three formats; a shell scheme, a modular system or a custom-built design. (For further information about these exhibition display schemes read our blog ‘It’s those finishing touches that get your exhibition stand noticed!’) Another name used to describe this hired display space is Exhibition Booth which is the US version of the Exhibition Stand in the UK. Generic terms used to define this type of space for promotional purposes are Exhibition Staging, Exhibition Stalls or Promotional Station.


When referring to the individual frames and stands to display graphics, as in definition 1 above, the key purpose is to grab attention, make someone take notice and to encourage further reading and assimilation. Other uses include giving a warning, providing information, motivation to purchase and to trigger curiosity. Exhibition display Stands are therefore used in a variety of settings:

  1. As signage to locate a product in store or to draw customers off the street
  2. To highlight new products or services in store, or at the location.
  3. To enhance knowledge of existing products and services in store and at exhibitions and trade shows
  4. To inform of special incentives and discounts to encourage trial.
  5. For information gathering at seminars, presentations and product launches
  6. To build customer rapport and trust at charity and community events


In simplest terms these can be classified into two types; Indoor Display Stands and Outdoor Display Stands.

Indoor exhibition display stands

According to Flex-display these types of display are light, portable and easy to put up and dismantle. They can be free standing on the floor, be mounted on a wall or board and suspended from the ceiling. The main components are bases, poles, PET, vinyl or fabric graphic panels, connections and fastenings.

Whilst the graphic panels are of universal shape there are a variety of bases available. The Cross Base is made of lightweight aluminium and folds up and down in a scissor-like movement. The Twin Base, so called because of the two poles that fit into the base to support wider graphics and The X and L Banners named after the shape of tension support that attaches to the base and holds the graphic in place. These displays come with the graphic panel or sheet separate from the base.

The Roller Banners come in one main piece, (apart from the supporting rod), made up of a metal base and retractable, graphic panel which rolls into and out of the base unit. These displays are extremely straight forward to put up and dismantle, whilst keeping the graphic well maintained even over a long period of time and with continual use.

Outdoor exhibition display stands

These promotional displays tend to be much sturdier to withstand the elements and are made of differing wind withstanding capabilities, UV black out and waterproof materials. Whilst the storage and protection of these graphic displays follow the same principles as the indoor banner displays, there is no limit to space outdoors, so they are often much bigger.

Presentation displays for the outdoors come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials, ranging from Printed Gazebo Tents, Pop Out Banners, Wall mounted and free-standing Banner Frames and Outdoor Roller Banners. For further details on outdoor display stands read our blog “Go Outside and Get Noticed.”

We hope this clears things up when it comes to understanding what exhibition display stands really are, but if you still have any questions or would like advice on products for your next exhibition, then please give us a call on (02389) 700111 or chat online. The Roller Banners Team will be happy to turn your confusion into calm.

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