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Lockdown measures across the country have started to end and non-essential businesses have been given the go ahead to operate as normal with some restrictions. With these changes in mind we could start to see big events and exhibitions start to return. And with many businesses either looking to recover, or new businesses opening to replace those which unfortunately won’t make it, now may be the perfect time to prepare for promotion in the form of an exhibition event, but what exhibition print media will help you along your way? We have some suggestions….

What exhibition print media should you use?

Roller banners

Roller Banners are a core part of any exhibition for a business. They can become an immediate focal point and portray a lot of information to your customer. But there are also a lot of options to choose from and it may be difficult to correctly identify which fits your needs most;

Economy, Budget, and SuperSaver Banners – If you’re looking to keep costs low, all three serve as great options for your display area – low costs with high quality, these banners will come with some stabilizing feet, with the more expensive of the options having their own carry case. These can be great for short term events, or one off solutions.

Premium and Exclusive Banners – These are formed to be freestanding without the use of feet, and are more suited for longer term multiple use. If you’re going with a simple design, perhaps a flat colour with a company logo, these could be the best bang for your buck option as these high quality banners can last for years, alongside also having protective cases to ensure they’re kept safe in transit.

EazyChange Banners – A great solution if you’re looking to change your material often – a simple pop out graphic can easily be replaced, if you’re looking to promote different parts of business throughout an event or exhibition, these will serve as a great solution on keeping your stand fresh for those passing by throughout an event.


Exhibition stands

Exhibition Stands are also an important part of your exhibition display – whilst banners may make up a small part of your display, exhibition stands refer to the entire display as a whole, there are also a number of options here too;

Pop Up Counters – A simple solution to provide a space to present from with a graphic of your choice, these are available in both mini and full size varieties and are a quick assembly – much like the banners, they provide a low cost solution with big impact, and if combined with a selection of pop up banners can combine to make a full display for your guests.

Pop Up Stands – A combination of all elements, a pop up stand with graphic alongside a large backdrop with lighting to make your display stand out – these are a little more expensive than other options but still very affordable, and provide the opportunity to turn your exhibition display into an experience, rather than just a passing stop.

Preparing early here may be the key to getting ahead – once these events start there will be a lot of demand, if you leave it too late it may be difficult to fit into the available supply – these future events could be key to ensuring that your recovery is as fast as possible, and this form of marketing may become more important than ever. The options listed above are just a few of what is available for your display solutions and there are many others available at Roller Banners UK, and if you’re ever unsure, you can always contact one of our experts who will help lead you down the correct path.

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