Exhibition Stand Finishing Options

Getting started on preparations for that forthcoming exhibition can be daunting. There are so many aspects to consider and decisions to make. But how can you make the right decisions and ensure your presence at the event is a huge success?

First things first

Before you start going crazy ordering displays and booking in staff members, it’s essential to put down in writing an outline of what you need to achieve from taking part in the show. Answer the following questions to create guidelines to achieve your goals and in the process keep tabs on the budget:

  • What is your budget? *
  • What are you attending the show for? To launch a new product, create awareness about your brand or service? Or simply to highlight a promotion?
  • How will your display achieve this purpose? What theme will be the focus?
  • What image do you need to display? Funky and modern. Traditional and reliable. Fun and functional?
  • How big will your team be?
  • What is your budget?

*For more information on how to budget for a tradeshow, read our blog

What display stands for exhibitions are there? They can be categorised into three.

  • The Shell Scheme
  • The Modular Scheme
  • The Bespoke Design

The Shell Scheme is basically a framework or blank canvass on which to build promotional material, equipment and furnishings. This is a good choice if your budget is limited or this is your first exhibition. Even if less is spent on the display this does not mean that it needs to look cheap or lack style. The decisions made on how to put the display and accessories together are particularly crucial if you want your stand to be noticed and admired. It may be helpful to enlist the advice of a creative designer.


shell scheme

Exhibition Stand Finishing Options: The Modular display comes in sections of all shapes and sizes making it flexible and interchangeable for future events. Each scheme is based on requirement and budget and can be added to as you go along for other exhibitions. Aluminium frames are infilled with graphic panels, solid panels or shelving.

modular exhibit system

If budget is not an issue you can create your own custom-built design in the style and size of your choice to really showcase your business. When your stand is Bespoke you can be assured your display will be unique and original.

The Bespoke Design If budget is not an issue you can create your own custom-built design in the style and size of your choice to really showcase your business. When your stand is Bespoke you can be assured your display will be unique and original.


The Next Step

Once you have your chosen framework in place you can get immersed in furnishing and decorating your stand. Remember that the style  and nature of accessories must be in keeping with your corporate branding and the chosen theme of your display,

And as experts Inspired Displays remind us “Exhibiting is all about getting noticed!”

So, keep your ideas fresh, colourful, novel, unique, original. Look to industry leaders for inspiration and take note of any effective display components whilst at events. You can easily adapt and incorporate these into your own schemes.

Choose from:

  • Pop up stands and counters, Link roller banners, individual roller banners, Gazebos and cabinets as essentials to fill the space and to add colour.
  • Graphics can be incorporated into the shell, attached to stands or walls or framed within display stands, wrapped around promotional counters and printed onto flags.
    Overhead graphics and bill boards make full use of every bit of space allocated to you.
  • While Audio visual monitors are eye catching and great for imparting information to your public, seating areas with occasional tables create a calm and comfortable haven to meet and greet visitors.
  • Lighting is also an imperative piece of equipment to give thought to. Displays and graphics require brighter up lighting to emphasise these important messages, a few softer low lights work well in public walkways and seating areas. Take into consideration taller and smaller members of the public who don’t want to be blinded by badly positioned lights!

The Final Touches

It’s the attention to detail and added accessories that enhance the comfort and overall look of your stand and add to its uniqueness. These could easily be forgotten or viewed as insignificant in comparison with the essential components, but they say much about your brand and complete the identity of your display.

Exhibitors have been known to include home comforts and soft furnishings into their displays such as comfy sofas, coffee machines, art and memorabilia. These create an enticing, comforting atmosphere which will draw in the weary wanderers.

Maximise your contact with visitors by displaying printed brochures, leaflets and business cards neatly displayed on attractive shelving for people to help themselves. Posters can be displayed in a visually effective way to really get your message across and carefully positioned A Signs can direct the way to your stand.

A new trend in exhibiting is to incorporate a ‘product wall’ into the design whereby a specially selected number of items are arrayed in an interesting way using shapes and colours to enhance their uniqueness and catch attention. This enables customers to observe the products in reality and to sample their benefits.

In order to achieve a truly outstanding display you really need to think outside of the box and use all your creative powers to come up with something clever, attractive and inspiring. If you need a little help in this respect draw on the expertise of professionals who can come up with an original design based on your brief.

Roller Banners Professional Design team are ready to help with any of your exhibition requirements and to assist with an inspirational design. Call today on 02380 700 111.


On the subject of little things that make an exhibition display, Roller Banners have a brand-new product for you to try and it won’t break the bank. Who could have known that such an innocuous item could complete the finished look of your display stand whilst creating an additional opportunity to advertise and to store promotional literature?

printed table cloth 70632.1546870446

The Roller Banners printed tablecloth enhances your brand and makes an ordinary table look visually appealing. Any design of your choice can be printed on the table cloth to the exact shade of your logo or corporate colours. It comes in two sizes; medium, which covers a 5ft table (1,780mm x 2,750mm) or large, covering a 6ft table (1,780mm x 3,280mm). If you need a specific size just call Roller Banners for a quote. It can even be purchased with its own high-quality trestle table if required.

One businessman who has trialled the tablecloth made this comment …

“The tablecloth is a great accessory to our display stand creating a truly professional look and somehow bringing all aspects of the arrangement together. We took part in one exhibition and accidentally left it behind and the whole appearance of our display was negatively altered. It was like attending the show without your trousers on without it!!!”

If you feel your exhibition display could do with this stylish accessory call 02380 700 111 or check out the details online.

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