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Focus Product: Double Sided Roller Banners

Focus Product: Double Sided Roller Banners

8th Feb 2021

As the name suggests, at Roller Banners UK we specialise in, you guessed it, roller banners! We offer standard, premium and budget options (read more about our Roll Up banners here) but we also provide more specialist models, like wide roller banners and double sided roller banners. This week, we take a look at how double-sided roll up banners can help your business.

How is a double sided roller banner useful?

Having a double sided roller banner is essential for any display where visitors come at the banner from either side, otherwise you’re just missing out on valuable marketing space! You can choose to use the double sided banner with both, or just one panel, so its versatile to your changing needs.

Do you have different models of double sided roll up banners?

We sure do! Our Economy model starts from just £68 and is perfect for infrequent use. It comes with two swingout feet, and high-quality printed graphics. Our budget model starts from £90 and is more substantial and durable, so will last longer. Our premium banner is our customers’ top choice; this will last and has a one-piece base, so no unsightly feet!

What sizes do your double-sided banners come in?

The Economy model is 800mm wide and 2m high, whereas the Budget double sided banner can be 850mm or 1m wide and 2m high. The Premium banner comes in a wider variety of sizes: 850mm, 1m, 1,5m or 2m widths with a height of 2150 mm.

How will my double sided roller banner arrive?

Your double sided roller banner will arrive with everything you need- including easy to assemble stand, base, full colour graphics and a handy carry case! We also offer free, speedy UK delivery.

How can the double sided roller banner help in the current Covid climate?

Double sided means double the communication! Use a double sided roller banner to communicate messages of safety to your customers and visitors. Place by a door to have an entrance panel (please wear your mask, for example) and an exit panel (thank you for visiting, please leave used baskets here). This will help protect staff and visitors alike, and offer two messages for the space of one!

Should you have any questions regarding double sided roller banners, don’t hesitate to get in touch