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Fontastic Banners!

Fontastic Banners!

Posted by Nicola Adimaly on 9th Jul 2018

Fantastic fonts for a fabulous roller banner design.

What is the difference between a pull up, pop up or roll up banner?

It can be confusing when different names are used to describe the same thing. In this case a pop up, roll up and a pull up are all roller banners. A roller banner is a self-standing, retractable banner stand with a printed graphic panel attached. If this is what you need then our team can help. We have a wide range of roller banners to suit any budget and top resources to help you design your own. Let’s first help with templates and our font 101 tips.

How to design a professional looking roller banner?

Simple, use one of our  online templates to design your roller banner and refer to our blog for our  top tips. We also have a range of use guides about colour, fonts and a  proofing checklist. Don't forget to add your company name or logos to the very top, then think about the placement of your headline and key information.

Where do I get nice fonts for use in my design?

With so many fonts available to download online, sometimes for free, it can be hard to select. It’s also easy to get creative and carried away. The key to an excellent font for an attractive roller banner design is simplicity, for maximum readability. Your aim is to attract attention from a far. Stick with well-known classic fonts and don’t be temped to use more that two font types within your roller banner design.

Not all fonts are readable at distance. For your roller banner design a serif font like Times New Roman is a good example. Serif fonts are easy to read. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica, Verdana and Century Gothic are also easy readers. These fonts are not fussy and are clear to read.

Then to add a little fun you may introduce a more creative font as a secondary font. Look for script or cursive fonts like Lobster Two or Lobster Hand. They give the impression of replacing handwriting and can add a personal touch. Use moderately as they can be difficult to read. Italics should also be used sparingly. Browse  Google fonts for a wide range of web and print friendly inspirational fonts.

How big should my headline font be when designing my roller banner?

Big, but not too big. Your attention grabbing headline should be readable from a distance. Your secondary information should be readable from a few meters. Although you are going BIG with your font on your roller banner, be sure not the fill all of the available space. Make sure that the text has space to breath. Space actually complements your text and makes it stand out. Text that is too large, or fills the space, on your banner can actually be hard to read from a distance or close up.

Remember, you don’t have to put all the information on your roller banner. Instead call out how further information can be found. For example add a telephone number and a website to your roller banner design.

What font point size should I use?

Consider varying the size of your font. For example your title, headline or main message should be bold and larger than contact details and additional information. For example use 200pt for headline, 125pt for sub-heading, 100pt for addition less important text.

For slogans use 170pt and for low priority additional text you could uses 60pt. If you find yourself making your font smaller to fit in more text, then your text needs to be redrafted and cut down!

How do I arrange my text when designing a roller banner?

Text should be arranged left to right and from the top of your banner going downwards. Your headline should be at eye level when standing and the bottom third should ideally be free from text altogether, as this area is too low for someone to read without squatting down.

What is leading?

Leading is the spacing between the lines of text. Text is more inviting to read if your eyes are able to rest. We would suggest you use spacing size that is two points higher than your font size. For example, if your font size in your roller banner design is 28pt, then you should have a leading of 30pt to ensure maximum readability.

Where can I find royalty free Imagery for use in my design?

Adding an image and/or a background colour to your roller banner design can enhance the overall look and attractiveness of your pop up banner. Remember readability is key, use white space and don’t put coloured text onto a coloured background. Dark text on a dark background is a no-no. If in doubt use white space around your text and avoid placing anything behind it. When looking for imagery be sure to check the usage licensing details. Some sites offer free imagery as long as you credit the image.

Popular imagery sites are:


Getty Images




Am I ready to print my roller banner?

We want to deliver the highest quality roller banner to your doorstep. To achieve the best quality printing requires high quality artwork. Check out our  FAQ's page for more tips and use our artwork checklist to make sure your artwork is set to the correct size and to the correct specifications.

Should I embed fonts when sending my roller banner artwork to the printer?

Yes. All fonts should be embedded (select embed fonts in distiller options) or converted to curves.

Will you check my spelling before you print?

No. Make sure you double check your grammar and spelling before sending your roller banner artwork to us for printing. Sometimes when focusing on fonts and layout it is easy to forget spelling. Make sure you double check spelling, grammar and numbers. For example check the contact telephone number provided on your roller banner design is correct.

Top Tips Summary

  1. Use large text and short sentences
  2. Headlines and key information should be readable from a distance
  3. Place headlines at eye level
  4. Select serif or sans-serif fonts for maximum readability
  5. Use an image
  6. Leave the bottom third free from important text
  7. Leading should be two points higher than your font size
  8. Embed fonts
  9. Double check spelling and grammar
  10. Create and send a high res PDF to us!

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