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Get maximum impact with double sided roller banners

Posted by Joanne Serellis on 11th Feb 2015

Roller Banners UK offers a wide variety of banners to fit your advertising needs, and our double sided roller banners offer double the impact in the same amount of space as a single roller banner.

Here are some ideas for using double sided roller banners to get your message out there.

Sales advertising

Doing a promotion or big sale? Need to liquidate some merchandise or attract new clients? A double sided roller banner can be placed inside or outside your shop so that people can see your message as they come and go! This means your message will be easily viewable, no matter which side of the roller banner a customer may be standing on.


Roller banners can help you to advertise special events quickly and easily. Placing a double sided roller banner beside a busy walkway, or in a corridor or hall, can generate a lot of awareness of your special event. Since roller banners are economical and stands can be reused to hang new banners, they are a great way to advertise all your events.

Trade shows

A busy trade show can make it seem hard to stand out from the other businesses advertising there as well. What better way to achieve this than with easy transportable roller banners? For maximum impact and ease of use, try combining our double sided roller banners with our custom printed promotional counters. Our counters provide ample storage space and a nice counter to display information or samples. Both the counter and roller banners are a great choice for those that have limited space for materials when traveling.


Notes on message boards and legal sized paper can easily be overlooked. If you want to announce something at your company or to your clients, a double sided roller banner is sure to get their attention. There’ll be no more hearing employees say they didn't get the message or clients saying that they didn’t know about key developments.

Temporary signage

Lets just say that you want to go ahead and open your business but don't have your permanent sign yet or maybe you are selling at an event? Roller banners make great temporary signs until a permanent one is made. After that you can still use them for promotions. When selling at an event you want a sign that has your company logo but is lightweight and easy to transport.

Double sided banners for rough conditions

For the most durable banner, choose an outdoor grade double sided roller banner. Our sharp graphics will be hard-wearing due to our high quality UV resistant inks and materials. The sturdy base can be weighed down by filling it with water or sand, so you don't have to worry about the wind blowing it away.

Fast and effective

With our easy templates and fast service, Roller Banners UK is the choice for fast and effective advertising solutions that last. Contact us today with any questions or concerns. Our printing specialists are here to provide you with the best service for all your double sided roller banner printing needs.