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Graphic Design

Here at Roller Banners UK, we pride ourself on our in-house banner design service. We employ a team of professional graphic designers who ensure your custom roller banner artwork is top-quality and print-ready. We speak to Hannah, a senior design specialist, to find out what it’s like to be graphic designer.

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Hi Hannah! Tell us, what made you decide to become a graphic designer?

I’ve always thought of myself as being creative and I have always liked doing work to do with art and design. Before working as a graphic designer, I enjoyed starting a project and working my way through to improve whatever I was doing as best as I could. I do like things to be right, so I think at the time I thought that was a good quality to become a graphic designer. Personally, I thought the position seemed desirable and interesting, and that you could learn on the job as well, which is kind of a bonus for me. So that’s why I thought graphic design would be the right route for me.

How would you describe your approach to a new design?

I’m very open to new design, I’m always interested in new design and looking at how to keep improving that design, even though it is new, because I think it’s really important to try and create the best design that you can and get the best outcome for you and your client. Nothing to me is ever closed off or not an option; I think it’s always best to look at everything with an open and positive approach, no matter what it is, how difficult it is or indeed how simple it is.

What type of project do you enjoy the most?

For me, I enjoy large projects that have, for instance, lots of different printed products. That allows me to be creative with the design and make suggestions to the client without being hindered by brand guidelines. I think it’s always exciting to work on something fresh, with your fresh perspective rather than working to update someone else’s design; I think it’s really nice to start with something new.

Talk us through how you’d go about creating a bespoke piece of artwork?

Firstly I would always, always, always ask the client to give an overview or a brief as to what they have in mind, because it’s important to be clear on what they would like, roughly, at least. If the overview was very brief, I would then go away and find something to send to them that I think they might like and see what they think. If they were specific then I would just get straight into designing a few draft designs, based on the brief. I would get their feedback, and keep developing and refining the design with the client, until we are both happy with that bespoke piece of artwork.

What advice would you give to an aspiring graphic designer?

My advice would be to just keep working on your portfolio. Your portfolio is so important because it shows what you can actually do. Ensure that you work on a range of styles, so that you have a vast portfolio, not just working on one thing that you really enjoy, make sure that you work on some templates or designs you maybe don’t enjoy as much. It’s crucial that you demonstrate your skills and your flexibility – that you can work on everything. Never throw away or delete work – I was guilty of this, I thought if it was bad I’d just delete it! I think what’s better is if you try to work on that artwork that you think is rubbish. Try to improve it or maybe just justify why it doesn’t work, and then you can learn from that – what not to do for next time.

And finally… why should people use the inhouse design service, instead of
designing their own artwork?

Our banner design service is quick, cost-effective and very popular! We can create almost any bespoke design for any requirements that they may have. Nothing is too much, we are happy to work and develop artwork as much as needed to get the desired final end product . Artwork will always be of high quality, and files will always be print ready, and set up correctly to ensure they fit whatever product the client needs. We will produce work as quickly as we can, and we will do our best to ensure the design process is as seamless as possible.

For your bespoke artwork design needs, read more about our banner design service here.

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