Graphics For Roller Banners

Although many suppliers of roller banners usually offer a design service to create a truly eye-catching display, you may feel that you want to design your own graphics, but are unsure how to go about it. Take a look at our guide for graphics for roller banners below, to ensure you pull up banner is as eye-catching as possible!

graphics for roller banners software

Which software to use?

Probably the most prevalent piece of software throughout the world is Microsoft, and while you can use Word to create a design, it really is not up to producing the high quality graphics needed for a roller banner. Photoshop or Illustrator are built for exactly this type of design creation and whilst they may present a steep learning curve for the newbie to get to grips with, the end
result will be well worth the time investing.

Graphics For Roller Banners: Sectioning the roller banner

It is a good idea to think of the roller banner in sections to create a stunning design. Start with the top section: this is where you should position your logo and company name if it is not already incorporated into the logo design. This is also a good place to position your business’s core message if you have one, as this is the section nearest to eye level and will attract the most attention. Your core message could be your company’s slogan or tagline, but it should always state what your business offers.

Graphics For Roller Banners: The middle section

People are going to be walking past your roller banner and so you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. This means that you do not want to make the middle section of your banner too wordy, as this is the place where the meat of your message is going to be. You may want to place some brief wording in the top left corner of the middle section, and follow it with wording at the bottom right of the section to allow for easy reading.

Graphics For Roller Banners: The bottom section

This is the place to put brief contact details so that people who are interested in what your business is offering can either find out more or place an order. There are three contact details that are a must in a roller banner design. These are a telephone number, an email address, and a website address (URL). Optional extras include social media badges, such as Twitter and Facebook. Ensure that all contact details are large enough to be easy to read and not tucked away right in the corner so that people have to struggle to find them.


To really catch the eye, you will need to include pictures as well as words in your roller banner design. It should go without saying that these need to be of a very high quality, at least 300dpi, and saved as CMYK, so they are ready to print. If you are not using your own images and have sourced them elsewhere, make sure that you have the legal right to reproduce and use them on your marketing material. Regarding colours, ensure these tie in with your company branding, and make sure that all overlaid text is readable against
coloured backgrounds.

Once these steps have all been followed, you should hopefully have a wonderfully clear and eye-catching roller banner.

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