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How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Posted by Joanne Serellis on 15th Oct 2014

If you are thinking of taking a stand or booth to a trade exhibition, then you need to work out two important things: firstly, how to attract visitors to your area, and secondly, how to keep them once they are there.


The first thing to do is make sure that people know you are there, and you do this by clever use and positioning of posters, roller banner stands, exhibition stands and other forms of signage. Whatever type of advertisement you use, keep them attractive by using a maximum of only three different colours, keep the text succinct and to the point and tell your potential customers what they need to know, such as the products or services you are offering, and how they will benefit from their use.

Attraction factor

As well as sorting out the advertisements, make sure that your exhibition stand is as attractive as possible. This could mean making it look spectacular or different in some way to the other stands at the event. Try including lights that direct visitors towards your stand, or even advertising that poses a series of questions, each one intriguing the visitor and drawing them closer.

You can also offer your visitors something that encourages them in. This could be something as simple as a free cup of coffee. Whilst your visitor is drinking their coffee, you can make your pitch and engage them in conversation. This gives you and your colleagues an opportunity to make a personal connection, something that all businesses are looking to achieve these days.

Use different media

Video is an extremely effective tool and is quickly becoming the way for a business to get a message across. Visitors are likely to stop and watch a video that tells them about a business and its offerings, as it is an alternative to getting the ‘hard sell’ from a staff member. Just be sure to include a Call To Action at the end of the video to increase leads.

If you believe all the hype, businesses these days cannot succeed without engaging in social media. If your business has a presence on either Facebook or Twitter for example, then you can have a visual display that shows your live tweets and posts. This also provides yet another way your potential customers can engage with you, and if your staff are busy with customers, you do not lose any business because they can engage with your staff back at your office.

Impressions count

Give your visitors the best impression by looking professional and up-to-date by using modern technology. This means using tablet computers to show off your products and services to individuals. Using tablets rather than desktop computers also makes you more mobile.

An exhibition stand can make quite a dent in your marketing budget, so do your best to make sure it is going to be worth the effort. Put a great deal of consideration into how you attract your customers and it is sure to deliver substantial rewards.