Why bother trying to integrate physical and digital marketing? It’s no secret that digital marketing is on the rise: social media, websites, apps… there’s so many new, online ways for customers to view your products and services. However, the physical aspects of marketing are also still very popular – leaflets and flyers still prove effective, and the tangibility of a trade show with exhibition stands and roller banners still proves essential in securing more buying power.

But how to integrate physical and digital marketing? Now, that’s tricky! Many companies opt for one or the other – but if you integrate the the two mediums, you’re bound to see your profits rise!

 Integrate Physical And Digital Marketing


Why integrate physical and digital marketing? 

Depending on your customer base, you may have an established route of marketing. As a general rule of thumb, the most common idea is that the older your target demographic, the more likely you are to use conventional physical marketing, and conversely, the younger your audience, the more digitised you’ll be. However, we are actually at the stage where actually both demographics respond well to both forms of advertising-  it’s more of a personal choice now than an age-based habit. 

For example, an older customer may spend a lot of time online and a younger customer may respond well to something tangible. As such, it’s best to spend time and energy on both to cover all your bases and not accidentally alienate someone from your campaign.

How can you integrate the physical with the digital?

Great question! The easiest way to integrate physical and digital marketing is to offer combinations that work for both mediums. For example, let’s say you are promoting a product with a large scale roller banner. This piece of physical advertising will catch the eyes of passers-by undoubtedly…. but will offer limited information on the specificity of the product or service.

So, why not combine the physical with the digital and include a prominent QR code on your custom printed roller banner? Then, viewers can scan the QR code on their phone and be transported to a webpage with far more information: a seamless combination of the physical and the digital!

Similarly, this works well for social media links. A passer-by can scan their phone and see all the current, up to date updates from the company, keeping them in the loop.

Conversely, the digital can also promote the physical! At a very simple level, social media can advertise where there will be free giveaways and websites can promote exhibitions and trade shows.

Working with the two mediums in tandem, and ensuring you integrate physical and digital marketing will undoubtedly offer the best results for your business. 


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