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How to Make Your Roller Banner More Effective

10th Nov 2016

That the roller banner is a very effective means to get your point across has been proven over and over again. Not only is it a very economical way of creating awareness (as it actually does better than other, more traditional methods), it is a very practical means of advertising for those who need to address the public on different occasions and in different places. The advantages are so numerous that no clear-thinking representative of any company would leave home without it. But the roller banner needs to be designed well, and used properly. You need to get the most out of it. Here are the top six ways to make your roller banner more effective.

Think of colour first

The main theme of the banner will be represented in a colour scheme – so it’s very important that you know your target audience and which colour will speak to them on a personal level. Bikers don’t like pink and Chinese consider red a colour of good luck. Study your audience and appeal to their tastes.

Use a catch phrase

Your catch phrase should be short enough to remember easily – it should actually be snappy and catchy enough to stick in the audience’s head for a while. However, it should be long enough to convey meaning and deliver a powerful message. Make sure your customers can read it quickly and that it entices them to take a closer look.

Know your message

You actually only want one message – focus on that. It may be tempting to write as much on your banner as possible, but that’s not good marketing. There may be many things to say, but you need to say only what will be heard. Keep your message simple and short.

Keep it simple

This isn’t just important for the message itself – but it’s also important how that message is presented. Don’t overdo the fonts, the letters, and the graphic images. Often just a few elements are needed. Cluttering is unprofessional.

Wow, too much going on!

As said, simplicity is often the best way to go, so don’t overcrowd your roll up banner with texts and numbers nobody will read, or drawings and pictures a passersby in a hurry will never examine. Focus on one message and remember – less is more.

Be professional

Always use great, professional graphics, and obtain the copyright.

It’s only when the design of the roller banner is done so it projects a professional image and so it speaks to your target audience in a positive way that it will be at its most productive. Roller banners have the power to draw vast crowds in various places, so it’s well worth thinking the design through.