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When it comes to the world of marketing materials, having on-brand, clear, catchy collateral is always the way to go. Whether a pop up banner to promote your company at an exhibition or trade show, or printed pieces including leaflets, brochures and posters, it’s crucial to turn that blank canvas into a show-stopping demonstration of your brand and show exactly why a customer should choose you.

Because when all of the elements are there, you cement your chances of winning customers. And just as quickly, a glaring spelling mistake or grammatical error can finish the conversation before it’s even started.

So, to ensure your materials are the cream of the crop, read our tips on marketing collateral and how to generate traffic and custom with winning words.


Identify what’s important

Whether you’re creating a pop up stand for a trade show or conference, re-launching a website or producing a press release, put the important messages at the top. Big, bold and clear. Simple yet extremely effective.

Use the tools on offer

The Spelling and Grammar feature on Microsoft Word is a must-use tool for any document. A quick run-through of those red and green squiggles means you can see if you’ve missed something and, even if you disagree with a suggestion, having the chance to read your piece from an alternative angle and hone in on specifics can allow you to keep things tight.

You can often spot errors by approaching the text from another person’s perspective. Enlist the help of a seasoned proofreader – it doesn’t have to be a pro; a set of beady eyes from the office will work too. Or simply read your piece aloud, as this can alert you to errors which your brain previously skipped over. Another tip is to read things from the bottom up, then any spelling mistakes jump off the page at you!

Given that it is so easy nowadays to check you’ve got your Oxford commas in place and your ‘Is’ before your ‘Es’ (except after ‘C’, of course), there really shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t produce faultless material.

spelling error header

Don’t take that tone with me!

Striking the right tone within a piece of writing is extremely important. Firstly, consider the genre of your piece. If the brief is to capture attention then keep the copy punchy, smart and slick. Meanwhile, if it’s a longer, more detailed piece, ensure the text is accessible and clear yet full of juicy, exciting elements. Rather than ‘come and visit our exhibition stand’, how about
‘pop in’, ‘drop by’ or ‘don’t miss the amazing coffee at our conference’? Stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a friendly and approachable company, then adopt a warm and open quality to your writing. On the other hand, if you’re that bit more formal, make sure your text reflects that. And if all else fails, people (almost) always like a pun. The cheesier, the better.

You talking to me?

Know your audience. Sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly easy to get this wrong. The target reader and the tone of the piece often go hand-in-hand as you have to speak the right language and deliver messages that your consumer will understand.

Draw your reader in. Address them as an individual and welcome them to your family with open arms. You can do this by treating the text as a colleague of the business. If a colleague were to describe the attributes of your company, product or service at an exhibition or trade show, how would they do so?

Try to preempt any questions and then answer them, or provide details of how a customer can find out more. Use the text as a way to hook people in.

Looks matter

We all like things that look good, so don’t lose an opportunity to engage with a potential customer because you failed to grab their attention. Rather than overloading a reader with heavy-going information, use eye-catching, attractive images and words that pack a punch. Think complimentary colours that match your branding. Smiling people and big, booming laughter. A sexy piece of technology or a nifty little gadget that gets people talking.

Rather than telling your customer what you do, why not show them?

happy people1 1

What are you talking about?

When it comes to promoting your brand or exhibition, make sure your audience can glean all the info that they need. The five ‘Ws’ (Who? When? Where? What? Why?) and ‘How?’ are a great way to check if you’ve nailed the brief. Does your text answer all the questions? Yes? Job well done, then.

Less is more

Avoid overcrowding a web page or  pull-up display banner with too much text. Break it down into bitesize, digestible pieces and only keep the bare essentials. Provided you’ve given the key details, avoid clutter. If in doubt, leave it out.

Impactful and informative collateral is a commercial essential. You make your job 1000 times easier if your text is engaging, punchy and clear. Check, double check and check once more to avoid any careless mistakes.

Marketing Collateral:

Once you’re got the copy nailed, that’s where we step in to finish the job for you. With high quality printing available across roller banners, leaflets, business cards, prospectuses and posters, we’ve got your marketing bases covered. If you would like to share your ideas with our experts, we’re always pleased to hear from you. And if you’re after advice on the content or style of roller banners and print materials, get in touch with us online or phone us on 023 8070 0111.


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