We offer a wide variety of roller banners, some of which are designed to be used time and time again. Our premium roller banners and wide roller banners for example, are created with sturdy PVC and SuperSmooth Lightstop, to ensure you can use them at multiple trade shows and exhibitions. Not only does this provide you with fantastic ROI, it’s much more eco-friendly! However, in order to give your pop up banners the longevity they deserve, it’s best to take good care of them. Read on for tips and tricks on how to protect roller banners from damage…

A guide: How to protect roller banners from damage 

When cleaned, stored and used correctly, roller banners can last years. So it’s worth taking a little time to ensure you get the best out of your pop up banner. 

Why bother protecting your  roller banners? 

Roller banners are a great investment for any business, large or small. They are cost-effective, reusable and easy to transport and store. They are also eye-catching and as such, very effective at communicating your message or product to a large number of passers-by. You can use a roller banner for a small local fayre or a large scale trade show – consequently, they are very versatile. So it’s best to make the most of your ROI and get many, many uses out of your pop up banner. 

Protect your roller banners from damage

Tip 1: Handle carefully

PVC is incredibly durable, but roller banner graphics can still wear and tear when mistreated. A common issue with roller banners is that people pull the graphic out from the stand very quickly. This can result in a tear as the graphic is pulled too hard. Always pull the graphic up in a smooth and steady motion and avoid yanking or pulling aggressively.  

Tip 2: Pick your location carefully

Make sure your location is optimal for viewing. There’s not much point having a fabulous, eye-catching roller banner sequestered away in the corner! However, it’s also worth thinking about your roller banner’s safety. For example, you probably wouldn’t want your roller banner in a wind tunnel, constantly at risk of being battered by the weather. Equally, it wouldn’t be wise to erect your roller banner where it’s going to get bumped by visitors, as this can cause damage to both the graphic and the stand. 

Make sure you pick the right roller banner for the location. If you’re going to display your roller banner outside, invest in the Premium roller banner. This model comes with a sturdier base that doesn’t require swing out feet – keeping it upright at all times! 

Tip 3: Clean your roller banner 

After a long campaign or tour, you might think about storing your roller banner away for the next one! It’s important before putting it into storage to give your graphic a good clean. Use a gentle soft and water with a soft cloth like microfibre. Take care to never use any solvent, detergents or anything abrasive. An abrasive cleaner will remove the waterproof layer and leave your roller banner open to the elements! 

how to protect roller banners from damage - clean

Tip 4: Store correctly

After you’ve cleaned your roller banner, make sure you dry the graphic gently with a soft towel or cloth. Storing a damp roller banner can compromise the graphic’s integrity. 

Never fold your roller banner, but instead roll the dry graphic back into the base to store. An aluminum roll up banner stand will have a slit where the graphic will slide back into the base. 

Alternatively, if you’ve gone for just the graphic itself and are still using the roller banner base elsewhere, store your graphic flat and covered with clean dry paper or cloth. You can roll your graphic loosely and store in a carboard tube. Make sure no part of the graphic is in contact with any other PVC print – whether itself, or a different graphic. This can compromise the ink. 

Should you need any further help or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. At Roller Banners UK, roller banners are our business. Let us help!

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