How to put up a roller banner

A major appeal of a roller banner is its simplicity. Easy to store, easy to transport and easy to assemble. Roller banners, often called pull ups or pop ups, are a printed graphic attached to a spring loaded base which simply pulls up out of the base. Available is a range of width, a roller banner is the perfect signage solution. Supplied in a padded carry case, a roller banner is Easily portable to any event, exhibitor trade show.

Setting up a roller banner is easily done in under 30 seconds. By one person and with no tools. For panels wider than 1.5m we recommend two person set up.

A PDF version of this guide on how to put up a roller banner is available to download – Roller Banner Assembly Guide

On your marks, get set, set up!!!


1. Unpack all parts from the carry case, remove any plastic wrapping from the pole.

how to put up a roller banner

2. Turn out the feet to make the base stable.

roller banner assembly guide step1j

3. Join the three pole sections together and insert the pole into the base securely. If the pole is not secure or inserted incorrectly, the banner will lean.

roller banner assembly guide step2j

4. Then stand at the rear of the stand and pull the panel out of the cassette.

roller banner assembly guide step4j

5. Hook the banner onto the pole and Voila! Your stand is set up and ready to use.

roller banner assembly guide step5j

Top Tip:

When packing your stand away always hold the panel and gently roll it into the base. Do not let go of the panel – this will damage your stand and the printed panel.

Now that you know how to put up a roller banner, check out our range of standard size pull up bannerswide roll up banners and double sided roller banners.

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