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Some things in life just aren’t that simple. We all struggle with that impossible task that defeats us. For some it may be threading a needle. For others it could be folding a fitted sheet. There are even some of us who find it a challenge to send artwork online to a design studio. But fear not, help is at hand (for the last task!), in the form of an easy three step guide on how to upload your artwork. Contrary to popular belief it is relatively straight forward. All you need is 5 minutes of your time and some patience.

When you purchase a new roller banner from the Roller Banners site you need to advise the team about your chosen design. This may be through conveying your ideas directly to the graphic designers to put the artwork together for you or you may want to put something together yourself using the online templates. Or maybe you already have artwork stored on your device that can be used again. Whichever route you choose follow the guidelines below on how to upload your artwork: step by step to get help your order in motion.

How To Upload Your Artwork

Step One – Choose an artwork option

 Complete the product selection window infilling details of sizes, banner material and quantity you require. When you come to the Select Artwork/Design section choose which option you would like from Upload Print Ready Artwork, Send Print Ready Artwork Later or Banner Design £15. Only select to upload the artwork if it can be forwarded to the studio at the time of ordering and you are happy for it to go to print as it is. Otherwise you have the option to download the artwork after ordering and payment processes are complete. It is important to note that a proof will not be sent prior to printing if you submit your own artwork. However, you can request to have the file(s) checked before going to print which the team are happy to do. Before making your choice, scroll down to the bottom of the product page to the Artwork and Design section and read through the Artwork Guide to ensure you upload artwork to the correct size and format which will save time and extra work.

Step Two – How To Upload Your Artwork

To upload your artwork with your order and payment, select Upload Print Ready Artwork and then scroll down to Upload Artwork and click on browse to bring up your file directories. Select your artwork file and it will appear in the artwork browser. Your file must be compatible or one of the following types; pdf, eps, psd, jpg, jpeg, ai, indd, tiff, zip or rar and must not be over 35MB in size.  Then go to Add to basket to complete your order and then move on to the payment window.

To Send Print Ready Artwork Later, choose this option in Select artwork/roller-banner-design/ and go straight to add to basket, following the prompts to complete contact and payment details. When you are ready to upload your artwork file go back to the product page and follow the instructions as above or go to the Artwork Guide and click on Send us your files and this will take you to the MailBigFile.

To have your roller banner designed for you by a professional, select Banner Design in the Select artwork/roller-banner-design/ window and proceed to checkout when you have completed your order. You can forward your design ideas and requirements to the studio via email or speak to someone face to face or on the phone if you would like additional advice and guidance.

Simply uploading your artwork files onto the website is not the same as placing an order. Your request will be processed only when you have completed the order, made payment and the studio has received your artwork to begin producing your roller banner.


Step Three – Upload Artwork to MailBig File

 Before you upload your artwork to MailBig File, check you have correctly placed your order and completed the payment process. You can either return to the product page and click on Send big files after purchase here or go to Artwork Guide and click on Send us your files. The MailBig file screen will then be activated as shown in the image above.

Click on + Add Files at the bottom left hand corner to access your files. Select your artwork file, click to open and it will appear in the MailBig interface. There is only one upload per order, but you can transfer up to 20 files at once as long as they are no more than 4GB per file. If you have ordered more than one roller banner stand, then artwork for each stand would need to be sent together under one order number.

Once you have added all the relevant artwork files to the MailBig interface, complete your email address in the bar below and label you *ZIP file with the number you received when completing your order. * (A ZIP file compresses a number of files into one file so that it can be easily transported.)

Tick the box to confirm you are only uploading one ZIP file, add your details and order number in the message box and click send all files. Extra time is required to upload larger files, so it’s best to wait until the upload is complete before closing down the window, or you may find yourself repeating the process!

And there you have it! Easy when you know how! If you are still struggling to make head or tail of this guide on how to upload your artwork, then please contact a member of the team by calling (02380) 700111 or chat online, they are always on hand to talk you through the process.


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