Increase sales with a printed exhibition stand

An exhibition or trade show could be just the type of exposure your business needs to increase its lead enquiries and generate more sales.

Increase sales with a printed exhibition standIt is not only potential customers you will attract at these trade fairs – you may also find yourself becoming acquainted with individuals that might develop into useful business contacts. An association with such people could create another sales channel for you.

In order to be noticed by customers and fellow traders alike you need to ensure that your business is visible and giving off all the right signals. In order to achieve this ideal visual display, you first need to identify your objectives in your exhibition stand design.

In addition, at a trade show it is no good being shy. Some individuals find it difficult to talk to strangers but this must be overcome. You must approach and talk to visitors to your stand without being pushy. Introduce yourself and shake hands, be pleasant and informative and you will soon be making useful contacts. Always exchange business cards for a follow up call after a few days.

Trade show objectives

The top of your list of objectives will undoubtedly be to attract new custom, but this should not be your only aim. Making contacts is very important, as you never know where this will lead. Your exhibition stand will feature your company name and logo and is a chance for you to get your brand into the mind of your visitors.

There is more to a brand than just an image that has been made into a logo. A logo is actually a complex graphic and should contain three key elements. The first element is to convey your company’s values and goals. If, for example, you were a carpenter who only used sustainable wood in your projects, you would want to incorporate this aspect into your logo. The second element should also convey your company message or mission statement. This can be incorporated into the image, or used as a tag line or slogan to accompany the image. The third element is that it should embrace simplicity, yet look completely professional.

Keep it professional

Talking about professionalism, it should go without saying that this is the image you want to present. You can achieve this by keeping your exhibition stand streamlined and uncluttered, not only in terms of props, but in terms of graphics. Your advertising materials, such as roller banners or posters, should use no more than three different colours, and wording should be kept to a minimum.

In order to increase sales with a printed exhibition stand you need to focus non eye-catching design. At trade shows, people are always on the move, so you need marketing material that can attract the eye by simple, clear design and can be read within the space of a few seconds. Remember, also, that people will be coming from all directions, so if you are using a roller banner or something similar just outside the entrance of your stand, make sure that both sides of the banner feature your marketing graphics.


In order to get people to enter your space, you need to include a tease on your marketing material. This could include a special offer, a small corporate gift, or entry into a competition. Whatever your tease is, it must be relevant to whatever it is that your business is offering.

Whilst it is entirely feasible for you to design your own exhibition stand, so many elements need to be considered when it comes to their design that it is worth hiring the services of a professional designer.

Attract visitors and ultimately increase sales with a printed exhibition stand! Order today!

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