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Lacking Inspiration for your Roller Banner’s Design?

27th Jun 2016

Roller banners are known by many names – from pop up banners to roll up banners and the like – but whatever you want to call them, everyone knows how effective they can be. Roller banners have been around for a long time and many entrepreneurs have already been able to maximise their use, whether it’s for their premises, for a trade show or exhibit, for a conference, and more.

But if you are looking to create the best roller banner, there may be some aspects that you might be neglecting. The design and graphics of your roller banner is of prime importance, of course, but what else do you need to think about? Here’s a look at some top tips to help you create the best banner for your business.

The logo at the top

Needless to say, the upper part of your banner will often receive the most attention. That’s why it’s always a good idea to place your logo (or main message) at or near the banner’s topmost part. If you want, you can also use the upper portion to display a great graphic. The point is to maximise the uppermost part of your banner and display what you would like most to display. Imagine someone walking towards your banner - and grabbing their attention with a brilliant picture of your foremost product or an upcoming sale. This can work wonders in boosting your company’s profits, letting you expand your reach in no time.

Reveal information – but not TMI

There’s this popular expression with the ‘younger generation’ – it’s called TMI, meaning Too Much Information, and it often refers to the amount of information some people share about their love life, their health, and their general physical, mental, or emotional state. There is a point, though, when people share ‘Too Much Information,’ or intimate information that others could best do without. The same is true when creating a banner. You’d want to share important information, of course, but not Too Much Information. Be precise in your wordings and choose your content carefully. Whilst it may be tempting to include all you can about a product, this doesn’t really work. Remember: most individuals will only spend about eight seconds looking at roller banners, and you want to make the most of it by not boring them with too many details (which they would forget, anyway). This is why you have additional leaflets, flyers, and brochures.

The right images

Images make a big impact on any roller banner – but make sure the images you use are of the highest quality. Don’t just get a free image from a website, as this is often of low resolution. If you have to spend for a great image, then do so willingly. It’s more than worth it in the end.