Launch Party Printing

Launch Party Printing

The weather is changing and we’re forced to accept summer is over and winter is here. The days are chillier, the nights longer and there is an air of anticipation. As we begin to retreat indoors to hibernate for the winter we see bright lights in the darkness. What can we do to while away the many hours waiting for spring? Well, we have two choices: we hibernate or we PARTY!

Whilst the former choice is great for our animal friends, we humans love a great party. It’s factually true! Spending time socialising with friends and family, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol and having a dance is known to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke whilst increasing levels of dopamine in the brain (the central power-drivers of brain function). Shrugging off the stresses of our 9 till 5 life with a little evening entertainment is never a bad thing.

So, if there are untold benefits to partying in our social life, this can also assume the same for our business life. Any excuse for a party. What excuse do you have at work?

Apple are the absolute masters!

Apple continue to draw in the customers building their fan-base and keeping their iSheep happy. Even a small company we can learn from the maestro . Not only do they have an extremely effective product launch strategy but it’s also the most cost effective when comparing those of competitors. What can we learn from them?

It’s all about creating anticipation, hype, community environment, generating PR and turbo charging via Social Media.

Q: Why are Apple fans called iSheep?

A: Because some Apple fans love Apple so much they follow new products and decisions like sheep. Their brand is just sooooo powerful.

Apple Webinar

September saw the latest Apple keynote and a new generation of iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Step 1: Come up with a differentiated product that your customers will find fascinating.

Step 2: Built suspense by creating a PR buzz and building on it. Little and often – people love to be in the know and will seek every little bit of info they can find to share with others. Before you know it everyone will be talking, liking, tweeting and ging about your product and eagerly awaiting a launch date.

Step 3: Plan your event to the Tee.

The event itself is always a carefully coordinated gem of entertainment. Think location, setting, guest list, entertainment, speakers and don’t forget the pre-release chatter. For example, Apple providing an unforgettable experience for all who attend. This often extends beyond the launch date via a microsite capturing the buzz of the event.

Join the party

You may not have the large budget, or a large team to call on, for an event as large as multi-millionaire companies like Apple but we can learn from them.

Read on for some Top Tips from the industry on how to get your launch party of to a bang:

Top Tips

  • Have a clear purpose. Who’s invited? Who are the media and Industry influencers? Staff? Customers? Stakeholders? All the above? Keep it simple, narrow your list and keep your product at the centre of the attention.
  • Invite only! These are the ones you want to buy your product. Think about how they may benefit from the purchase and then work backwards from there in planning the whole event, an Apple rule of thumb implemented by Steve Jobs.
  • Timing is everything. For maximum impact the timing of your launch is everything. Limit industry commercial noise that will draw attention away from your product. e.g. Christmas, at the same time as a competitor’s launch.
  • Location, location, location. Is the event the correct vibe for your product or/and brand? what’s its capacity? Is it easy to get to?
  • PR hype and marketing. Build on the hype you created with your teaser launch campaign and reveal at the event. Create expectation. Your budget doesn’t have to be big. Use Social Media to spread the word.
  • Theme. Is your theme memorable yet professional? Does it support or buck a trend? Carry this theme throughout your planning from décor to PR.
  • Entertainment. Dependent on your crowd and venue, a live band or DJ might be suitable. Keep the music happy and upbeat to ensure a positive response to the product.
  • Guest speaker. Whether this person is a thought leader, company representative or an industry guest speaker – make sure their personalities match the role they are assigned. For instance, Steve Jobs was a charismatic front man who drew in his audience whereas his successor took on a different role at product launches.
  • Live – touch it, feel it, demo it. You want to entertain your guests but ultimately you want them to recognise the products merits and buy it. Tell your story, build interest in your company using simple presentations, videos and photographs.
  • Goodie bags. Everyone loves a goodie bag, big or small. Offer samples, vouchers, giveaways etc.
  • Social Media is king. Advertise before then event, keep the feed live during the event and update after the end. You might decide to use SM to build followers, go live at the event or survey attendees.

You can keep the hype going for several days after the launch creating a window of opportunity to contact interested guests and to keep the hype going for a little longer. Keep SM posts regular, making use of the event hashtag and follow up with newsletters to all those expressing interest. Make it easy for people to learn more about your product with free trials, downloads, product videos and demos.

Let’s Launch with launch party printing…

Here’s a few simple and cheap ways of dressing the set at your launch event.

Launch Party Printing


Printed flags are a highly effective means of promotion with a wide range of uses. Enlivening an event, custom flag printing provides your organisation with a colourful presence. The impact is immediate and the flags have life beyond the event.

Our Eazy Print portable, high quality printed flags are all supplied with poles and a selection of bases to suit a variety of uses.

The Blade Feather flags are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and range from 1.5m to 4m in height. The Feather flag is particularly suitable for outdoor events, being capable of withstanding winds up to around 18mph. They are an ideal option for use at outdoor events in different terrain and conditions.

We provide a high quality, cheap custom flag printing service with no compromise in quality. All our flag printing products are delivered printed and stitched with all the kit you need to install and use – from the moment they arrive.

Roller banners

Roller banner stands are retractable, self-standing banner stands. These display stands are a perfect solution for exhibitions, presentations and all kinds of business needs from meetings and seminars to reception displays. As such, they are essential for your launch party printing plan! And our premium models can be reused time and time again!

There can be some confusion about what to call these roller banners. You may know them as Pull-Up Banners, Pop-Up Banners, Stand-Up Banners and Roll-Up Banners. We know what you want – and you’ve come to the right place!

Rollerbanners provides top quality printing for single-sided or double-sided banner stands, banners with changeable panels or extra wide banners. We make eye-catching stand up banners that are lightweight yet sturdy, easily portable and simple to put together – and easy to put away after a long day’s event.

Pop up counter stand

Whether you use the pop up counter as a demo station, bar or registration desk. Roller Banners UK provide you with all the kit neatly packed into a wheelie case for ease of transporting and storage. Provided with a wood top, full colour printed graphic and hardware. Intrigued? Find out more here.

It’s great fun planning a party but sometimes you just don’t know where to start with your launch party printing! The Roller Banner UK Team are here to help creating an impressive backdrop using stands and banners. You can visit the studios to speak to one of the Design Experts face to face, chat online or by phone. Visit our website today and give us a call.

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