Magnetic Display Stands

Has it ever occurred to you that we are living on one huge magnet rotating in space? The magnetic field of planet Earth is generated by electric currents in the conductive material of its outer core (Wikipedia). Naturally occurring magnets called Lodestones are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks around the world and are essentially a magnetised piece of the mineral magnetite. When these permanent magnets come into contact with other metals, such as iron or steel, they too become magnetised creating an invisible area of magnetism all around it called a magnetic field. These little pieces of magnetised metal have proved to be very useful and are now used in abundance in our modern life thanks to sophisticated factory methods of production.

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How are they used today? And why are they so useful? Let’s talk magnetic display stands…

Industrial Uses of Magnets

  • Mining – Powerful magnetic separators are routinely used in coal mines to recover valuable elements that might otherwise be missed. Also drum magnets remove contaminants from the mined materials to ensure their purity.
  • Health and Food – magnetic drums, grids and tubes are used to remove excess iron that could contaminate foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products.
  • Glass & Plastic – Magnetic technology is used to remove the impurities from ingredients before they are used to manufacture plastic and glass products that we use every day.
  • Ceramics – a variety of different magnetic technologies such as plate separators and suspended magnets are used to remove metallic impurities from ceramic glaze and other materials during the manufacturing process.
  • Electric Power – each generator contains a magnet, some electrical wire and a source of mechanical energy which moves the wire into the magnetic field of the magnet. The wire then cuts through the lines of force and electric current is produced.

In computers

Many computers use magnets to store data on hard drives. Magnets alter the direction of magnetic material on a hard disk in segments that then represent computer data. Later, computers interpret the direction of each segment of magnetic material to “read” the data.

In the Home

Magnets are used in various ways within the home although often they are imperceivable. The small speakers found in computers, televisions and radios rely on magnets and a
wire coil to convert electronic signals into sound vibrations. Refrigerator magnets hold papers, bottle openers and other small items to the metal refrigerator door. A pocket compass uses a magnetic needle to show which way is north. The dark magnetic strip on the reverse of a credit card stores data in much the same way as a computer’s hard drive does. Vacuum cleaners, blenders and washing machines all have electric motors that work by magnetic principles. You’ll also find magnets in phones, door closings, shower curtain weights and children’s toys.

There is no doubt that the special properties of these magnetised elements simplify our modern lives aiding our need for convenience. Roller Banners have incorporated these benefits into a new generation of display board for customers to benefit from.


The Roller Banner display system is great for advertising your products or services away from your business venue, but what if you need something a little less portable to promote your business on home turf? A brand-new addition to the roller banners product repertoire is the MAGNETIC DISPLAY FRAME. These provide a novel way to make your customers aware of any special promotions or useful information when they visit your office, showroom or premises. Best described as a free standing, double sided display stand, they can remain in situ or occupy a redundant corner or uninteresting walkway to ensure members of the public get the message. The frame is sturdy and well made as with other Roller Banner products, reinforced and stabilised by a base plate and comes with two graphic panels which attach to both sides of the frame with magnetic tape.

The magnets adhere to the edge of the stand making assembly and replacement of panels quick, convenient and straight forward. Each panel can be printed with different text or images adding to its versatility and cost effectiveness and are simply replaced by ordering new graphics at your convenience online, when the message needs to change. All graphics are printed on heavy-weight 360-micron material, which won’t let the light shine through rendering your design unreadable. This material is also hardwearing and durable enabling you to use the display long-term.

The magnetic frames come in three sizes to fill any available space. The small frame measures 400 x 1600mm, the medium 600 x 1800mm and the large comes out at 800 x 2000mm and these will be delivered to your door in a speedy 48 hours!

Roller Banners like to give their customers the option of designing their own graphics providing guides to follow and the magnetic frame has its own template for you to download if you need a little reassurance. Or you could hand over the complete design to the professional team on site who will be happy to liaise with you to discuss your brief and conjure up their magnetic magic!

Magnetic Display Stands

The New Magnetic Display Frame

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