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Make your advertising portable

Posted by Joanne Serellis on 30th Dec 2014

Trade shows are becoming the norm for specific industry sectors, and businesses (startups and well-established alike) attend these shows with the express desire to showcase their products to people specifically interested in their line of work and to, hopefully, attract new business.

If you are planning to attend a number of trade shows or exhibitions, you should consider investing in advertising equipment that can be taken from one trade show to the next.

Trade shows

The purpose of a trade show is to show off (to both buyers and suppliers) your company’s products or services that are relevant to a particular industry or sector.

As a company, you may have several objectives in mind when you decide to attend a trade show as an exhibitor:

  • You may simply want to sell your goods.
  • You may want to make valuable contacts with potential business partners.
  • Or, you may want to create greater consumer awareness about your goods or services.

Whatever your objective is in attending a trade show, you are going to need signage. Signage will not only make your exhibition stand an attractive place to visit, but it will help to attract visitors in the first place.

But just what type of advertising display is suitable for you and your exhibition stand? You need to consider the items that you are going to have in the space allocated to you. Chances are you will have a central table or desk that will serve as your focal point, but you may also have a few tables and chairs to sit down and chat with your visitors, as well as a stand holding literature.

Your display may change according to which venue you are in, so it is best to have advertising signage that can standalone, i.e. not be attached to a particular item of furniture. If you plan to have a significant desk or tabletop space, you may think desktop signage is a good option. These can include A4 and A3 desktop roller banners or strut cards. Desktop roller banners, by their very nature, are more robust and long lasting, and should therefore be considered for graphics and text that will not change that often. On the other hand, strut cards are a far cheaper alternative when you want to advertise a short-term offer or make a time-sensitive announcement. Both of these types of signage are extremely portable and can be used in a variety of environments.

If your company produces a lot of goods, or even offers a wide variety of services, you may have a great deal of printed literature, such as brochures or leaflets. These will obviously need to be displayed, not only to show them off to their best effect, but also to encourage people to come in and browse and take them away with them. A literature stand should, therefore, be considered a must. If your space is limited, you could consider a literature rack as an alternative. These two can be used in many types of exhibition booths.

Invest in some quality portable advertising displays to make your marketing budget go further and increase your impact at exhibitions.