Making Banners Using Adobe Illustrator

Making Banners Using Adobe Illustrator

Having a good quality roller banner printed starts with creating good quality artwork. One of the best design packages to use when creating your roller banner artwork is Adobe Illustrator. Below is a brief guide on making banners using Adobe Illustrator and how to set up Illustrator ready for you to create your design.


Step 1:
Click File, then New.

This will bring up a little box where you can input the dimensions of your chosen Roller Banner

Making Banners Using Adobe Illustrator - new file


Step 2:

You should now see a little box pop up where you can input the dimensions of your chosen Roller Banner. The below dimensions are based on our Budget Roller Banner Stand, however please see our Roller Banner page for a collection of stands.

Step 3: (please select your preferred units of
measure at this point)

Width – 800mm

Height – 2100mm

The visible panel is available in either a 800mm or 850mm width, and is 2,000mm high. Artwork size should be 800/850mm x 2,100mm high (treating the bottom 100mm as bleed)

After setting your size, hit ok.

Step 4:

You should now see your blank canvas, we highly advise to add rulers to your artwork, so you can see the guidelines of the bleed etc. Click on view, scroll down to rulers, and select show rulers.

step 2 add rulers

Step 5:

Click and hold on the top ruler, and pull down over your canvas (you can drop the ruler anywhere at this point) scroll up to your X / Y references, and in the X option, put 2000mm. This now marks the cut off point of your artwork. Anything beneath this ruler will remain unseen in the stand.


step 3 move ruler down to 2000mm


Step 6: You are now set up and ready to go!


Step 7: Once you have finished your design, please save your artwork down as a PDF.


Saving your Illustrator File as a PDF

Step 1:
Once you have completed your design, click File, Save As. We always recommend saving your illustrator file first, and then dropping it down to high quality PDF. You should see a pop up box, which allows you to amend your file name / format. Please drop down to Adobe PDF.

step 1 save as

Step 2:

Click save, you will now see a 2 nd box appear, in which has a number of different saving options. The default option at the top is usually [Illustrator Default] this needs to be changed to [High Quality Print]

step 2 illustrator default

Step 3:

There is a small box on the bottom left which says ‘save preset’ this is recommended if you plan on doing more than one design for a roller banner, just saves you some time next time round!

step 3 select high quality print

Step 4:

This will now save your file down in the recommended format.

For information on checking your colour profile, please come back to our blog next week!

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