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Making Exhibitions and Events Covid Secure: Part 5, QR Codes

Making Exhibitions and Events Covid Secure: Part 5, QR Codes

7th Dec 2020

During 2020, you may have noticed the prevalence of QR codes in shops, hospitality and other businesses. Many bars and restaurants are utilising a QR code system to order food and drinks, and of course, NHS Track and Trace employs QR codes as a means of checking in.

With many people owning smartphones, it’s an efficient and contact-free way of getting your meals and beverages brought to your table, reducing the risk to staff and customers alike.

At Roller Banners UK we can provide QR code printing on flyers, desktop displays, roller banners - in fact any product at all - to ensure that your customers can easily access your products. We can provide beautifully designed, and exceptionally helpful posters, flyers, signs and flags to draw your patrons’ attention to the new measures and to directly and easily point them in the direction of the website to which the QR code links.

Should you wish to have something with more longevity, our custom printed roller banners can provide a large print of the QR code for customers to connect with as they enter your venue. And don’t forget – any of our products can be custom printed with your own choice of logo, artwork and imagery! Create beautiful, eye-catching, custom roller banners complete with helpful QR codes!

If we can help in any way with QR code printing, or any other print matters, don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 02380 700111.