Marketing Is Not Just For The Internet

Marketing is not just for the internet

There are many people who will tell businesses that there is no point in engaging in print advertising and that all their attention, and their budgets, should be directed towards advertising online. But this is simply not true. The most successful marketing campaigns combine both print and online marketing. Marketing is not just for the internet! Print can help your campaign hugely. Read on to find out how…

marketing is not just for the internet - print press

Marketing is not just for the internet – why is this true?

It is true because, although it is hard to believe, not everyone uses the internet. There are people out there in the big wide world who are still attracted by posters in windows and billboards, flyers pushed through their letterbox, and flags and banners that they pass by in the car or on a bus. This type of advertising can get the attention of the impulse buyer, customers who were not previously aware that they were in the market for whatever products or services they want.

The great thing about printed marketing tools, such as flyers or roller banner stands, is that they can be used in conjunction with a website, email marketing, and newsletters. They can serve to grab the attention of potential customers, who will then seek out further information via the internet. This is especially helpful for start-up businesses whose website hasn’t been properly set-up: if a website hasn’t got quality content that boosts the search engine optimisation (SEO), then it is unlikely to appear high on the list in a search engine. In this instance, only a direct search for the business in question would yield effective results.

Is this applicable to all businesses?

Yes, but it may be more suitable for some businesses rather than others. For example, companies who do not have a retail presence, such as a shop or market stall, may desperately need the exposure printed advertising material can bring them. A company that has an office above a shop, and can look like a residence from the outside, could benefit hugely from a roller banner placed outside on the pavement. On the other hand, a business that already has a strong high street or shopping mall presence may not need to attract custom in this way, unless they used such advertising to announce the launch of a new product or service, or shout about a special offer.

Enhancing a brand image

A company can utilise printed advertising materials to enhance and consolidate their brand image. So much is made of brand image these days – the need to have a recognisable logo and the need for consistency – that this is a plus not to be ignored. It makes sense. The more often a brand is seen, the greater the chance it has of becoming instantly recognisable, and printed material can put a brand image right in the hands of the target market it is trying to reach.

The truth is that online marketing campaigns can be easier, quicker, and sometimes more cost effective than printed advertising, but it is also true that because of spam filters and other legal considerations, online marketing can only reach people who are already customers. Printed advertising tools can reach people who may not be looking on the internet for businesses.

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