Meeting Management Tips

Meeting Management Tips

Running meetings can be a tricky business; there’s an awful lot to consider. As well as making sure your meeting is clear, concise and holds your staff’s attention, you also need to consider their needs and working schedules.

Overseeing a meeting can be a minefield, that’s why we’ve compiled 5 meeting management tips to ensure your workplace discussions go as smoothly as possible…

Meeting Management Tips

1. Have a clear objective

Go in to your meeting with a clear, definite objective of what you want to achieve. At the beginning of the meeting, set this out to your staff or colleagues. This could be the first slide in a PowerPoint, the title of a hard copy agenda or simply an oral statement. Not only will this help you stay on track, it will set expectations for the rest of your colleagues.

Similarly, bring every discussion back to the objective. If your goal from the meeting is to develop a new marketing strategy, make sure you don’t veer off course. Bring everything back to the goal. It’s helpful to have a visual representation of the objective in the conference room, to ensure you all stay focussed. This could be a sign, roller banner or even an exhibition display for larger conferences. Make sure you all keep your eyes on the prize!

2. Be prepared

Make sure you know what you’re going to say; create bullet points to keep your oral presentation focussed and to the point.

Create an agenda beforehand and ensure everyone present has a copy. It’s also a good idea to come prepared with visual aids to explain what you are discussing. For example, it’s much easier to comprehend a chart displaying sales per month, than just dictating numbers to people. Invest in some custom printed materials for the job: some printed leaflets or booklets will add a sense of professionalism to your presentation. Consider using roller banners as full sized charts or sturdy Foamboard signs for other informational displays.

And a note to the Zoom meetings – roller banners can be made into green screens to avoid unsightly home kitchen backgrounds, and add some professionalism to customer or client meetings. Similarly, roll up banners can be custom printed with your company logo and branding, to ensure you’re promoting the business during client meetings.

Meeting management tips

3. Invite fewer people

Ensure you invite the important parties; those who will be directly involved with the discussion. Extra people will mean the meeting will take longer and there is more likelihood of digressing into tangents.

Don’t forget- the people at the meeting should be able to hold their own meetings with their own departments, or delegate work via email.

4. Don’t lose focus

Stick to your agenda, refer to your visual aids and keep your focus, and the focus of the participants.

One of the most effective staff meeting tips we’ve found, is to lay out a specific slot in the agenda for Questions. Making sure your colleagues know that questions will be answered at the end, as this allows for maximum listening and minimal interruptions.

5. Keep meetings short

The average attention span for a single task is between 20 and 55 minutes so keep meetings short and to the point.

Longer meetings mean a loss of attention and an inefficient working environment. If your meeting is likely to be longer than 55 minutes, schedule in a break for your colleagues to get some water, go to the toilet or stretch their legs. You’ll notice a marked difference in engagement afterwards.

If you’d like to look at ordering some custom printed products for your staff or client meetings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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