Misconceptions about Roller Banners

What’s a roller banner? misconceptions about roller banners

No need to scratch your head – we’ve got all the

1. Roller banners? What’s a roller banner?

Roll up banners, pull up banners, pop up banner stands or retractable banner stands, they’re all the same gizmo. But DO NOT confuse them with a roller blind which is something completely different!

A roller banner is a self-standing, printed graphic panel which rolls into an aluminium spring-loaded base for ease of storage and transportation. A marketing must have for any forward-thinking business aiming to raise public awareness through attending tradeshows and promotional events. When ready to use, the panel is pulled out of the stand and attached to a pole displaying chosen images and graphics to a wide target audience.

2. Oh, those flag thingies! Bit tacky, aren’t they?

Are you kidding? Have you been to an exhibition lately? Some of the display stands and are breath-taking and not to be mistaken for the flimsy two tone paper efforts of yesteryear. Today’s banners are sturdy and durable, serving their purpose time after time because they’re printed on high quality materials, such as vinyl or for a softer look, polyester fabric. Grey backing is used to prevent light shining through from behind rendering the banner illegible. This material also creates a smooth surface on which to reproduce high resolution images and graphics. Nowadays, the processes used in printing are far superior with a gradual change from lithographic to digital presses capable of reproducing colours to meet ISO standards; more vibrant, authentic and less likely to fade over time.

Misconceptions about Roller Banners

graphics and captions combine to make an impact

3. Even so, a slight draught and they’ll blow over!

Most retractable banners now have pull out feet attached to a metal stand to improve stability and come with a detachable pole to make the frame rigid. You’ll be surprised how sturdy these things are, but if you’re planning to put one up outside in a force 8 …?

4. But with all that technology involved they must be expensive! Right?

Wrong! They needn’t be. There are printers and graphic designers whose expertise is in roller banners and they provide by far the greatest range in size, quality and price to suit any requirement.

For instance, there are the economy banners for one off use; budget banners for a more quality stand that can be used regularly over a period of time. Wide banners offer an attractive backdrop to any tradeshow stand and table top or midi banners for use on counters. Prices start at a reasonable £26.00 for your super economy version increasing up to £320.00 for the Link Roller Banner system which gives you the option to seamlessly join the panels together or use them individually for smaller events. Versatile and reasonably priced! See for yourself.

5. OK. But I bet they’re pricey to deliver?

Again, they don’t have to be. The beauty of the retractable roller banner is in the fact it does what it says on the tin, it retracts, folds down, recoils. They are therefore not as bulky as they are when assembled. Plus, the fact they are extremely light weight due to the aluminium stand. But if you’re a bit savvy in who you choose to design your banner you could even get free delivery thrown in!

6. Bit of a faff getting artwork sorted though?

If you need inspiration and guidance to create your own artwork, most reputable printer sites offer templates for you to follow to achieve the most attractive designs.

If you prefer to go completely solo, Adobe Illustrator is a good graphics package to try as its user friendly and compatible with most systems. To ensure your artwork is printer ready, and to avoid last minute amendments, it is always important to read the artwork guidelines carefully before submitting it to the printers.

7. I just don’t have the time to sit down and play like that!

You still have another option. Look out for printers that have their own in-house design studios. You can contact them with your ideas and requirements and they’ll put together a professional, eye-catching banner. Some charge as little as £15.00 for this service. Ideal for busy people!

8. You can forget deadlines when you hand your ideas over to others!

Well, as explained earlier the printing part of the process is so efficient now, there is more time for designers to do their creative thing and do it well. A professional designer will want to speak
directly to you to clarify your thoughts and ideas and to advise where appropriate. All you need to do is to supply your logo, the images you’ve chosen and a short design brief. The designer will then return the proof for your approval or amendment. As a rule of thumb if you opt for the professional design service in house then allow a turnaround of about 48 hours for the banner to reach your door. When deadlines are more pressing and you already have your own artwork then some studios guarantee a finished product to reach you within 24 hours!

9. Isn’t it a ‘two-man’ job to put the thing up?

You don’t need an assistant. One person can set up a roller banner in under 30 seconds and no tools are needed. Just follow these simple steps ;

  1. Take all components out of the carry case. Rotate the feet 90 degrees to the base.
  2. Slot the three sections of the pole together.
  3. Insert the pole into the hole in the base.
  4. Ensure the pole is fully secured into the locator at the bottom of the base
  5. Standing behind the banner gently pull upwards extending the printed panel. Do not let go of the panel until it is secured into the top of the pole, tilting the stand towards you if it is difficult to reach.
  6. Hook the panel onto the top of the pole using the attachment.

And there you have it! A roller banner stand in all its glory waiting to be admired by all! Not convinced? If you need further reassurance that roller banners really are the way to go, take a browse at the websites of those in the know and check out their testimonials. Rollerbanners UK offer a 24-hour turnaround on all shapes and sizes of banner, a professional design service and free delivery.

10. I hate internet shopping! What if I order the wrong thing?

No worries! Call today for your quote on 02380 700111 and our team of experts will make it happen.

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