Our Roller Banner Family

Our Roller Banner Family

Embarking into the unknown and trying something new can be a little unsettling at the very least, especially when it involves parting with your hard-earned money! But we just want to reassure you that when you decide to hand over the design and printing of your roller banner you’re in safe hands. These guys are professional and approachable and will get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible, keeping in mind the company ethic of ‘customers come first.’ From the very first moment you come on board, you will be taken care of and guided through the process in an organised and thorough way; you’ll wonder why you ever had reservations!

Meet Phil, he’s here to help!


Our Roller Banner Family - phil


When you make first contact with Roller Banners its likely you’ll be communicating with ‘Friendly Phil!’ who has worked with the team for almost 4 years. He and another colleague cover all customer enquiries and briefs to design bespoke roller banners; amongst other things. Phil has always had an interest in graphic design and chose to study it at university. However, he quickly decided the course was not for him and quit to take on his first job which was unrelated to design. It wasn’t until his second job, ten years ago, that he began his designing career, subsequently joining the Roller Banners team.

Let’s hear from Phil himself how the bespoke design service works in providing customers with a unique, high quality product …

Tell me a bit about your role in the Roller Banners Design Team.

“I am a designer. Basically, any design work that comes in is split between me and Charlotte. I also do a lot of set-up, so the jobs that have been booked in for the day, I sort through them and set them up to make sure they’re ready to go onto the machine at the end of the day. But, the main thing I do is the design side of things.”


What is your typical day like?

“I come in, make a cup of coffee, sort through emails that have come in through the evening. That might be going back to clients with amendments on artwork, or just replying to questions that they may have. Then we move on to the jobs for the day. For anything that’s been booked in, we work on around a 48-hour turnaround in the studio. So essentially if you’ve booked a job in on Monday, you’d expect to hear from us on Wednesday. Sometimes we might be ahead of ourselves so perhaps you might hear from us on Monday or Tuesday. It depends how busy we are. To keep things as fair as possible we don’t prioritise anything, they are just in the order they come in.”

Where do most of the orders come from?

“The majority of orders are from the website. There’s an option on there called the Banner Design Service, £15 and that just means we take care of the design side of things. It doesn’t cover everything, certain things that people may think it includes, but it’s quite detailed on the website what is included.”

Do you keep in contact with the customer?

“Yes, sometimes you might have to reply to them and say ok I need this, this and this from you. Other times it’s all there, it’s good to go and it is just a case of bang, bang, bang. There’s your proof!”

Is the design all done on computer?

“Yes, it’s so much quicker that way. I mean we’re not mood-boarding or anything like that! You’re paying £15 for a bespoke design, so it’s very cheap for what it is. But it’s a service that we like to offer, and it’s been very successful.”

What proportion of customers use the inhouse design as opposed to doing it

“I would say 5% maybe of orders placed will select the design service. So that’s quite a lot which is why we also have Charlotte now as well. For a long time, it was just me on my own and it was just getting a bit much, an awful lot of work.”

How does a customer select the design service?

“The customer places the order, selects the banner design service. Uploads any files, emails a brief, brand, guidelines, images, logos, whatever they may want. That comes to us and within a 48-hour window we’ll start working on that and that may by an email saying we’ve read your brief and we’re going to need this, this and this from you or we may put
together an initial proof for them and send that out. So, once they have that, they take a look. Sometimes people are happy with it straight away and they say “ok go ahead and print” – which is great! (I like those ones!!) And sometimes they’ll come back to us with changes, or we may have to go completely back to the drawing board. I would say, more often than not, it’s a couple of tweaks, and with at least 70% of people, you’ll have it signed off with three rounds of revisions.”

What’s your favourite part of the job?

“Going home? Fridays? (laughing). I think, you deal with such a wide variety of people it’s quite interesting to see their ideas. I quite like the fact that most of the time you’re dealing with people via email as direct contact can be very time consuming. We try to keep things as quick and as smooth as possible for customers.”

Do you tend to get individual one-off customers or large commercial organisations?

“We cover a wide range of products. We’ve done big multi-national corporations, e.g.; Google, YouTube, Uber, Shell. But I would say more towards ‘Joe Bloggs’ because nine times out of ten these big companies have their own inhouse design teams.”

Which Roller Banner’s product is the most popular?

“The majority of the work is for roller banners, exhibition stands, large format print. But we also cover leaflets, brochures, business cards. Anything that we sell here we can essentially design.”

What do you think makes our Roller Banner Family so successful?

“I don’t know! We’re a bunch of misfits really! The actual team just seems to gel quite well. When it comes down to it we are professional, and we get the work done but actually we are quite a good bunch I think. It’s quite a nice working environment. It’s a really nice atmosphere to work in. We all work together to get the job sorted. Everyone gives a hundred percent on most days because you kind of feel you are actually part of something rather than just working for someone.”

“What we sell, the products we offer, the service we provide it’s all very good, very easy and very affordable. And I’d like to think that we offer a high level of customer service.”

Is there any one job that stands out for you?

“Not really. It’s all good. Every job is bespoke which is nice as you’re not opening a template and dropping a customer’s details in. Every job is different. There have been jobs that I’ve thought I quite like that, but I’ve a terrible memory actually! I would say that we’re doing at least ten new jobs a day on top of what’s already going on, so the workload is high, and the turnover of customers is high so it’s difficult to remember them all. I can think of one because I ended up getting discount on a new bike because of it!!”

Why would you recommend Roller Banners?

“Are we talking design service or in general? I think you’ll get a friendly, professional approach. I would certainly hope that we will provide a good end product. Recently we’ve sent out review requests on Google and it was positively overwhelming how many people were really, really happy with what we did! So, I think that’s a good reflection of the service we’re offering.”

The Design Service is a quick and easy option all round if you simply don’t have the time or creativity to produce your own print design. Contact Phil today either directly on (02380) 700111 or online and let him take care of your design requirements.

If you need further proof that the Roller Banners Team can deliver read our customer reviews on Google.


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